3 years ago I had scoliosis in which without treatment the curvature was increasing going from a 29 degree curve from when I was 10 to a 59 degree curve at 17 resulting in rupturing my rib cage and eventually crushing my lung over time. I had the spinal fusion operation in February 2012 where the surgeons basically broke my spine vertebraes apart and put it them back straight together using titanium rods and screws!
The result is amazing! I went back for an xray and check up and I’m so glad nothing’s come lose, big thanks to Dr Crawford and his awesome team at addenbrokes for doing such a perfect job

The fight in Pakistan is a battle of ideas, the time for new ideas come. It is a fight between the people and the One Percent who control all the resources and own everything, they own the law, the media, the entire system. The people have nothing, they have been lied to, cheated and robbed blind even of their hopes by the One Percent. An old farmer summed it up; he was asked, “you have been here for more than seventeen days, you have been tear gassed, fired at by the police, you have been without food and water, a big crackdown by the police is planned for tonight, don’t you think you should rest, sleep for a bit?” The old farmer replied, “we’ve been asleep all our lives, we’ve woken up.” A wave of hope has spread across the country; men and women of the Freedom and Revolution movements are from every corner of the country from a vast cross-section of society, sixty percent are women. It is unprecedented. People in this country have never seen anything like it, most of all the deniers who have taken big bucks and favours, to use everything in their bag of tricks to denounce the protesters as traitors.
—  Tonight in Islamabad

When I was about 4 years old, I had an operation on my adenoids, and that was the time where I was obsessed with Dumbo, after watching it at my grandma’s house.When my operation was over, my mum came in the room with a present, and it was a Dumbo plush. I was so happy, and I was probably the most happiest girl in the whole world during that very moment, and there’s even a bloodstain left on Dumbo for a reason.


Board Game Logic: Operation by Thomas Sanders