The fight in Pakistan is a battle of ideas, the time for new ideas come. It is a fight between the people and the One Percent who control all the resources and own everything, they own the law, the media, the entire system. The people have nothing, they have been lied to, cheated and robbed blind even of their hopes by the One Percent. An old farmer summed it up; he was asked, “you have been here for more than seventeen days, you have been tear gassed, fired at by the police, you have been without food and water, a big crackdown by the police is planned for tonight, don’t you think you should rest, sleep for a bit?” The old farmer replied, “we’ve been asleep all our lives, we’ve woken up.” A wave of hope has spread across the country; men and women of the Freedom and Revolution movements are from every corner of the country from a vast cross-section of society, sixty percent are women. It is unprecedented. People in this country have never seen anything like it, most of all the deniers who have taken big bucks and favours, to use everything in their bag of tricks to denounce the protesters as traitors.
—  Tonight in Islamabad
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Not American Civil War related, but an excellent video to understand what exactly happened to American soldiers in the American Civil War

Military advances before and during the Civil War meant more powerful, destructive weapons, and more devastating injuries, including shattered bones. Most American doctors, however, were unprepared to treat such terrible wounds. Their experience mostly included pulling teeth and lancing boils. They did not recognize the need for cleanliness and sanitation. Little was known about bacteria and germs. For example, bandages were used over and over, and on different people, without being cleaned.

With so many patients, doctors did not have time to do tedious surgical repairs, and many wounds that could be treated easily today became very infected. So the army medics amputated lots of arms and legs, or limbs. About three-fourths of the operations performed during the war were amputations.

This film was created to show how battlefield surgery was performed between 1799 and 1815 during the time of the Napoleonic wars. The film was created by His Majesty’s 33rd Regiment of Foot First Yorkshire West Riding re-enactment group. Filmed and edited by Martin Sunderland.



My friend’s little girl has a bladder stone and they cannot afford the surgery. I see things like this get passed around all the time for other dogs and I wanted to help her as much as I can. The dog is a sweetie and only 5 years old. PLEASE donate! Anything helps!

This is Bella. She is our 5 year old Shih Tzu and Lasa Opso mix and Peyton’s best friend. We found out she has a bladder stone that is slightly smaller than my fist, causing urination to be extremely painful for her and causing blood in her urine. She needs surgery to have it removed ASAP. Most of the vets around us have quoted us $1200-$1400 for the surgery to have it removed. However, we were able to find a vet who does the same procedure for $800, and has amazing reviews for their care and service. Unfortunately we don’t currently have $800, and the don’t take payment plans, so we’re asking our friends and family if they are able to spare just a few dollars to help us be able to raise the money quickly. Any little bit will help and we greatly appreciate it!

I see miracle stories on my dash all the time, please let this be one of them.


If you can’t donate, please reblog! Poor puppy is in a lot of pain, so let’s try and raise money quickly for her.

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Yes, I’ve had a baby. Unfortunately for me, I had to have an operation on my knee when I was 7 months pregnant. Yes under a general anaesthetic. I was on crutches for 6-8 weeks afterwards, even over Christmas. After the operation I was restricted to light duties in case my knee had an issue the bigger I got as my pregnancy went on. Once the 6-8 weeks were up I wasn’t allowed to run on it for 12 months, to give the knee sufficient time to heal properly.

I have an irrational fear aka phobia of gyms, but have just started playing soccer again after having 2 years off due to knee issues/pregnancy. I hope that, combined with 2 hours of training a week will help me to lose more weight & tone up. I lead a very busy life, often working 9+hr days (not including travel time), and any spare time I can spend with my child, I will choose that ANY time over slogging it out trying to get my body to a shape and size that isn’t maintainable. I’m happy with my body the way it is, not many people, let alone women, can say that.

I actually weigh less now than I did before falling pregnant, it’s just that I now carry the weight differently on my body. You can see in the pics above, the beanie was taken in New Zealand (where I fell pregnant), and the lingerie was taken over 2 months ago for a Valentine’s Day competition on

So, please, if my stretch marks, cellulite, or anything else offends you, feel free to unfollow. Try to think before you type, “you know my name, not my story.” And remember “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”