This was me in my senior year of college 2013, as the Hungarian Countess in the opera Die Fledermaus. Sooooo much fun!

And let me tell you all a little something about this man wooing me and singing to me in the above picture…he was taller than me. Nearly 7’0 with the voice of an angel. He flirted with me every time we worked together and always kissed my hand after we sang or danced in a scene together. Gaaaahhh he was such a smoozer! I mean yeah he made me swoon but he apparently has a bit of a reputation for that in the opera world so I refused to pursue him. But that made it more fun…because he began to chase me Hehehehehe. Regardless, we were good friends and he was so much fun to work with. I miss this seductive manly diva with a voice of an angel. Hope he’s doing well.

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Князь Игорь — Ария Кончака

(Самое лучшее исполнение)


We love Deborah Voigt. She’s one of the most acclaimed opera stars in the world and her pipes blow us away. To top it off, she’s incredibly grounded, when she has every right to be an all-caps DIVA. In fact, the title of her new memoir is Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva. Need proof of how real our girl is? Check out her 92Y Talks with director Francesca Zambello last year.

Want more realness from Voigt? Join us tonight for Voigt Lessons, her one-woman show featuring intimate accounts from her life and performances of some of her favorite songs! It’s not to be missed.

Please Help!!

if you care about music, please give this a look! one of my best friends,Zack Scott Frank has a chance to make it in the world of opera by studying abroad in Italy, but he is extremely poor (seeing as how he is a fulltime college student) and has ZERO help from parents or family members, so please consider donating and helping him out!! he is very very talented and really deserves it! people should be rewarded for putting in the amount of hard work that he does so let’s not let that hard work go to waste just because he happened to be born into a less-than-well-off family who cannot help him out!! (and by hard work, i know since i live with him that his GPA is remarkably high, and he is constantly studying and practicing, so your donation would NOT go to waste!) thank you! (You can remain anonymous!!)

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Князь Игорь — Половецкие пляски.


Ho il cor già lacero from Vivaldi’s Griselda, sung by Sonia Prina.


Bella Asteria from Handel’s Tamerlano, sung by Delphine Galou.