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Such a haunting version of the song. Trust me and listen to this with headphones in. Their voices combined is so magical.

ugh i wish i had the vocal chops to sing opera. i appreciate it so much as a singer—it takes impeccable technique to sing at that calibre, probably more so than musical theatre requires. obviously musical theatre requires singers who also have perfect technique, you have to sound fantastic while dancing and singing like a bagillion part harmonies and you can’t do shows like Les Mis or Phantom or play a role like Elphaba with anything less than total control over your voice or you won’t have a voice left (and you won’t get cast in the first place tbh). but opera puts different demands on singers. if you just look in musical theatre, all of the best singers are the ones who are classically trained. I give you Goddess Audra McDonald as proof. Kelli O’Hara. Any of the major actresses who’ve ever played Christine SIERRA BOGGESS (excluding perhaps Sarah Brightman who’s allowed her voice to get totally shot, but her performance as Christine was great.)

while i may be a soprano by musical theatre standards I’d never be able to measure up to true classical sopranos who’ve trained so diligently. the thing in musical theatre for women is to belt belt belt which doesn’t necessarily ruin your head voice, but it leaves less strength there. i would like to try my hand at opera sometime—perhaps one day i could play a mezzo.

Yup. Time for Regiment to play selections from Wagner’s “The Ring” again… Wagner in general, tho. Regiment. Yup. 

Now - before anyone pisses their bibbers over this:

- No, this sketch does not represent anything the corps in question intends to perform or wear now or anytime in the foreseeable future. 

- While I marched with their feeder corps in the ’90s, I am not in any way, shape or form officially connect to this organization - It’s a neat fantasy concept tho. Think of it as “fan art from a working pro”… 

However, what I do actually do is THIS… Now that it’s out of my head and on your dash, please enjoy! 

Yours, by design,