Will Lawler | Human | FC: Max Irons

“Once you start down the slippery slope of depression, it’s hard to climb off of it. And sometimes you don’t want to climb off of it.”

The Past

Will’s childhood started out normal. He had two parents who loved him and wanted to give him the world. Everything changed when his father didn’t come home one afternoon. He was only eight years old when he had to become a man and prove that he wasn’t going to just walk out on this family. He needed to prove to the people around him, but mostly to himself that he wasn’t going to end up that way. He tried to help his mother as best he could to make ends meet. He sold baseball cards and other trinkets that his dad had given to him before he walked out on the two of them. He didn’t want to remember someone who had abandoned them; leaving them alone to fend for themselves. For awhile they were happy. His mother and him lived quiet lives and everything was perfect. But Fate had other plans for the pair.

He was only thirteen when the doctors found the tumor that caused a hemorrhage in his mother’s brain. They put her through surgery and radiation to fight against this disease. The doctors had told them that everything had worked and the tumor had been removed without any damage to her brain. Will lost his mother 6 months later due to an unseen tumor that hadn’t been treated. After the funeral, Will was pushed into the foster care system. He became detached from the world, putting everything into more clinical and analytical terms in order to deal with it all. He focused everything he had left into school and graduated at the top of his high school class with a full scholarship to Brown University’s pre-med program.

8 years later, Will received his Ph.D in medicine with a specialization in cancer research. He went to work for the top medical facility in Washington where he began researching a cure for cancers affecting the central nervous system. That was where he met Annie, the love of his life. She saw through all of the rigid defenses he put up around himself to keep his heart protected from any more pain. Annie knocked all those walls down and things escalated quickly between them. On the day he asked her to marry him did she reveal her true nature to him. His dear sweet Annie was a lycan. He had heard the reports on television about supernatural creatures making themselves known but he had never met any, let alone fallen in love with any since the first reports.

Still, he couldn’t deny how much he loved her and he asked her to marry him again. She accepted and their happiness continued to flourish through their research together and during the planning of their wedding. Inevitably all good things must come to an end and so it did. Annie started to get sick. They both thought it was just the flu but it turned out to be so much more than that. Will was driven to find a cure and stop this disease from taking her away. He kept looking in all the wrong places, assuming that the disease was of a normal strain. When he figured out that the disease was only attacking those of a supernatural nature, his sponsors pulled their funding. They weren’t fans of having the supernaturals roam freely and they figured this disease would take care of their problem all on its own.

Will couldn’t continue without the funding for the equipment. Annie grew sicker and he held out as long as he could but she just became too violent. He detached himself from his emotions, returning to the analytical state he had been in before Annie, and put a bullet right between her eyes before leaving Washington and his past behind.

The Present

After Will had lost the funding from his sponsors, he sent proposals to every lab he could find in the hopes that someone would help him. When Annie died, Will lost all hope in finding a cure for this disease. He had lost two people to diseases that he couldn’t cure. He had no hope in ever helping anyone ever again. He began to drink just to cope with what had happened. That was when he received a letter in the mail from a small lab in Oakland agreeing to the terms of his proposal with one minor condition of their own. If he would agree to work as a doctor part time in the hospital they would fund whatever research projects he needed to do. Will felt a little spark of hope ignite in him and he packed his bags, heading for this small town of Oakland. It has been almost two years since he set up shop in Oakland and he still hadn’t found a cure but Will wasn’t planning on stopping his research for anything. He would find a cure if it was the last thing he ever did.


Eva Lewis reminds Will of some of the things he went thought and he wants to protect her when he can.
Sees the possible ways for him to get more research material for the disease through the hunter, Theo Harrison.


Here isn’t where I want to be 

Xander Niven’s family has a tradition of going into some profession that deals with vampyres. Everyone in his family wants to be Marked. And those who aren’t, work at one of the many Houses around the world. Xander never quite understood the appeal. He has no desire to be around vampyres and fledglings, but his family has forced him into it. Xander is under constant pressure to do exactly what his family wants him to, but all he really wants it to get away from the House. Unfortunately, he is stuck there as an art tutor. His resentment towards the school is obvious to fledglings and teachers. 

Satisfaction feels like a distant memory

+ Bright, Artistic, Humorous, Understanding

- Quick-tempered, Resentful, Pullsianimous, Detatched 


Luke Carson | Human | FC: Nico Tortorella

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.”

The Past

As a kid, Luke often strived for attention, whether it being at school or home, he would cause a ruckus. It was a weak attempt to have someone pay attention to him, anyone. His parents were either to drugged up or drunk to notice the little boy in their home. The one person he could depend on to take care of him was his grandfather. The man was strict, having been a military man, and while he was distance from his own son, he adored Luke. His grandfather was the only person who could keep him in line, but he was the also the only one who seemed to really care for Luke.

Luke was fourteen when his grandfather died, leaving him once again alone with his neglectful parents. Instead of acting out like he used to, he got himself some hobbies instead, something to spend all of his free time with. Reading anything he could get his hands on was a big part of that, absorbing anything he could. During high school he would take odd jobs to make up from extra cash so he could leave that podunk town. In that time he learned a bit about motorcycles, and a lot about cooking greasy food.

As soon as he turned eighteen, he packed up the little he had and made his way out of the town that held nothing but bad memories. He spent most of his times traveling, enjoying the history of different towns, and taking odd jobs when he ran out of money. Oakland was just another one of those towns.

The Present

Luke didn’t originally mean to stay in Oakland more than a few days, but he was running low on cash and the motel wasn’t paying for itself. So he decided he would stick around the town for a little while and pick up some odd jobs for some pocket money. Who knows, perhaps something will tempt him to stay?


Knows that Reese Kohl doesn’t seem to fond of him.
Admires Shane Gandara’s tenacity, thinks the two could be friends.


Let me come home

Kaiden was raised in a very religious household, his family being of the People of Faith. Kaiden, however, always felt like vampyres were people too, and it’s not like they had a choice in what they became. It was in their DNA, wasn’t it? So when Kaiden’s little sister was Marked, he openly and affectionately supported her, choosing to “betray” his family and accompany her to the Seattle House of Night. Shortly afterwards, he got his degree in Gaelic, and was offered a job as a professor, which he gladly took.

Home is wherever I’m with you.

+ Loyal, Intellectual, Passionate, Understanding

- Stubborn, Unpredictable, Compulsive, Clingy


I’ll stay awake, ‘cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight.

Chemistry had always fascinated Blake Holst ever since he was a small child. In his free time, he didn’t like to go out with his friends or play video games; he was always at the library or on his computer studying the elements and chemical compounds that created certain reactions. It was no surprise to anyone when Blake applied for his teaching job at the House of Night. Being a human at the House of Night meant that students didn’t always fully respect the professor and saw him as weaker than the other vampyre teachers. In order to gain their respect, Blake grew to be a tougher teacher that forced students to see him as an authority figure, and not someone they could easily taunt or be disrespectful towards, but still felt inferior. Fledglings who showed Blake the respect he wanted were wonderful students in his eyes, and he grew close to many of them. Those students who knew Blake well knew that outside of his classroom, he was a caring, kind gentleman.

I’m insignificant, please tell them.

+ Enthusiastic, Friendly, Hard-working, Respectable
- Strict, Finicky, Inflexible, Sarcastic