my experience on seeing frnkiero andthe cellabration live in chicago March 1st, 2015

okay so this is just a post that can be used as a reference or guide or even just a review of frank iero’s 2015 headline tour that i went on:

so the concert started at 7:00pm and the club’s doors opened at 6:30pm. my idea had been to arrive at the latest 5:30pm bc i thought the VVVEERRRYY cold weather would deter people from lining up early (it didn’t) but chicago literally has zero parking so we didn’t line up until 5:50pm. by then the line for the venue was a little more than halfway down the block (and still growing). so we waited outside in literally FREEZINGLY NUMB temperatures until the doors finally opened.

the venue was very small but the general admission was even smaller

Modern Chemistry were AWESOME live!! the lead singer has excellent vocal ranges and moves around the stage a lot. the band also cracked a couple jokes with each other, making the crowd a little more comfortable. the band only played for about half an hour or so, 7:30pm-8:00pm.

The Homeless Gospel Choir was pretty good, i guess. i personally found Modern Chemistry more enjoyable to listen to music wise, but THGC was pretty humorous in the messages he was trying to get across and i guess that was kind of entertaining. it’s not a gospel choir though; it’s a one-man band where a guy preaches about how punk rock music saved him. he performed from 8:00pm-9:00pm.

literally so extremely amazing. frank has really brought out the strong vocals inside him and with his bouncing energy, the crowd was extremely lively and EXTREMELY wild. lots of shoving and pushing, but that’s probably just how us rude chicagoians are lmao. frank leapt into the crowd during joyriding. opened with all I want is nothing and closed with weighted. played leathermøuth’s sunsets are for muggings

as soon as the concert ends, GO TO THE MERCH STANDS. the line fills up EXTREMELY quickly, and Frank only stays at the merch stand to sign stuff until all the items are sold out, then he leaves ((or so that’s what the lady who worked the merch tables told my mom)). Frank is almost always at the end side of his merch stands ready to sign and take a picture, so please have ur items out and camera ready!! our venue only allowed one picture to move the lines faster, so decide while in line if u want to take a selfie with Frank or have someone take it for you

literally I was so terrified of meeting Frank because he’s my idol and my entire world and i was just so scared to meet someone so amazing you know??? but Frank was actually very soft spoken and extremely sincere and sweet to me as he signed at least 3 of my items and gladly took the time to draw boozey for me and write out one of his quotes that I want to get tattooed in the future. i felt bad for asking so much of him, but he didn’t make any signs of complaints or annoyance at all and was extremely attentive to me with eye contact and speaking. when i gave him my letter, his eyes actually lit up and he smiled and said something like ‘thank you so much’ and offered to shake my hand ((his hands are very firm and calloused btw unff)) and when I asked to take a selfie with him, he agreed and placed his arm around my shoulders and smiled at the camera patiently while I tried to find a somewhat decent angle. overall, frank iero is EXTREMELY easy to talk to as well as the literal sweetest, kindest man as he isn’t the least bit judgmental or rude to anyone, and as long as you ask him nicely, he will gladly sign as many items as you want

i cried for half an hour after meeting him because i was so overcome with the emotions of meeting him face to face

I’m sorry, I just need to say something.

As some of you may know, Taylor Swift recently gave an interview (with Nick Grimshaw of all people), where she talked about the bikini photo she posted on Instagram of her and HAIM.

In the interview, Taylor claims she and the HAIM girls never intended to post pictures of their trip to Hawaii on social media, that the paparazzi sneakily got photos of them, and that Taylor just happened to have this really great camera that they were using to take pictures, so Taylor decided to post her own HQ photos on Instagram before the paparazzi could sell their photos.

Okay, Taylor. So it’s just a coincidence that you posted your pictures of you and HAIM on January 23rd and 24th, the paparazzi photos were released on January 26th, and then on February 1st you announced HAIM would be an opening act on the 1989 tour? Really???

anonymous asked:

I wonder who the opening act will be for the North American shows. I kind of want it to be Fifth Harmony, but doubtful if management has anything to do with it.

I actually think that’s a good idea. I think Simon Cowell can trump Modest. Especially since 1D is struggling to sell out America rn and 5th Harmony is currently riding a wave of popularity. And in particular if a management transition will soon be underway making Modest lame ducks. Why not have an opening act that has their own hits and can potentially put a few thousand asses in the seats? We shall see…


So well my friend’s band is trying to get the chance to be the ATL opening act here in Spain so it will be great if you give thumbs up and share their video everywhere on the social media. Thank you for your time!

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                            DON’T SHOOT. it’s m—————————e.

                    & her hands rise above her head, palms opening up in
                    an act of surrender. she squints to see who it is ahead
                    of her. as she does, she finally understands WHO it is
                    & lets her hands down, a cough falling from her lips.

                                                      it’s anya.


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