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"Objection! This trial is nothing but a fraud. I have already seen the future and you cannot deny the existence of that mark on the back of that traitor’s hand!"

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Solas: I notice you used a nullification enchantment combined with an offensive attack.
Dorian: The nullification disrupts any ambient magic lying about. Things then burn hotter.
Solas: Don’t you then waste an inordinate amount of magic overcoming your own nullification?
Dorian: Ah, no. I warp the Veil slightly to effect distance between the spells.
Solas: Of course. Have you considering snapping the Veil-warp to enhance the relative energy?
Dorian: Like cracking a whip? Yes, tried it once. Made my teeth taste funny.
My Rogue Inquisitor and Iron Bull:

In the last 24 hours, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinians in Gaza, shot at fisherman, injured protesters, and abducted Palestinians, while settlers torched cars in the West Bank, but only injured Israelis is news to the mainstream media

Silvermoon City [Open RP]

Silvermoon was more than the Little Ox had imagined. The colours were vibrant. The sun almost as brightly as it had on her beloved sands. It was warm, but not as warm as her home. It was still… Beautiful.

The Little Ox didn’t have time to admire the beauty. Stopping to admire such was often the different between life and death. Especially for someone like herself, in a place like this. She was far from Aliance allies.

That was the fun in it. The danger. The rush.

A hood was drawn up over her form, cloak encircling her body. She looked like little more than a youthful Sin’dorei, with a serious disadvantage in the height department. False ears had been crafted and blended to elongate her own. They were able to withstand a decent amount of wear. Contacts had been played within her eyes, covered her blue with an illuminating green. The fel shade was only set off a small amount by the blue of her irises beneath. She didn’t intend to let anyone gaze into her eyes to notice.

Passing through the gates, she let her eyes roam. They saw a sindorei woman. She was far more elegant than any humans El had seen. The blonde hair frame her face perfectly and though that woman wasn’t looking at her, she found herself already ensnared in the weakness that was admiration.

One foot in front of the other. That’s how she moved on past the object of her admiration. A fleeting admiration. The streets were busy, much like she had seen of Stormwind City. Just… Brighter.

As The Little Ox passed the tavern, unknowing as to what it was, she heard some words spoken in Thalassian. She did what she could to listen, though they were speaking far too fast, and far too slurred. An odd combination. The voices sounded angry. She glanced up as she saw a bar fight spill out to he streets.

This time her sights found her looking upon a male sin’dorei. One who may have been enjoying the conflict as much as she would be, if she had the time to stay and watch. Being far from conflict was in her best interested. At least, here it was. She glanced over her shoulder as she continued on.

Not looking where she was walking, she bumped into a man. She glanced up from beneath her hood. She recognized this one. Quickly, her gaze was averted as she tugged her hood to further enshroud her face, side stepping and putting haste in her step as she walked further into the elven city. The Little Ox hoped he would not give her away, had he glanced upon her and recognized her.

[ This is an open RP. I am willing to RP via here or skype. If you’d prefer skype shoot me a message there, or to my inbox for the skype addy. Characters she takes note of, in order, are kalianastarseeker cazmilan ready-aim-firing. If I have written your character wrong, however brief I tried to keep it, do let me know, or choose to ignore this post entirely. ]

Boko Haram Turns RobinHood’s Strategy on Its Head | Siobhán O’Grady

As a convoy of trucks carrying smoked fish cruised along the border of Niger and Nigeria last week, a Nigerien Air Force plane swooped low and opened fire, destroying the trucks and forcing the drivers to flee into Nigeria on foot.

The ill-fated fishmongers, Nigerien officials said, were collaborating with Boko Haram to sell their goods in Nigeria, despite Niger’s recent ban on cross-border fish trades. (Residents of Niger are called Nigerien; those from Nigeria are known as Nigerian). According to the Nigerien government, Boko Haram taxes goods transported through the territory the group controls to add to its cash reserves and finance terrorism, and the recent ban is intended to choke the Islamist group’s resources.

This alleged collaboration between rural fish traders and members of Boko Haram sheds some light on the group’s murky funding tactics, which differ sharply from those of other terrorist groups. 

FULL ARTICLE (via Foreign Policy)

Photo: Hello World Media/flickr

Source: Foreign Policy


No matter who you are or what you look like, just remember that Aang thinks you’re interesting and would like to be your friend.


And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar begins anew.

This is Neerja Bhanot. On September 5, 1986, mere hours before her 23rd birthday, Neerja turned to see 4 heavily-armed terrorists boarding Pan Am flight 73, where she was a flight attendant. She dashed to the cockpit to warn the pilots, but was caught by one of the hijackers, who’d grabbed her ponytail. Nevertheless, she managed to shout a secret “hijack code” to the cockpit crew – who, according to regulations, quickly evacuated, leaving the 400 passengers and 13-man flight crew at the mercy of the 4 enraged terrorists.

With the cockpit crew gone, and Neerja now the most senior crew member on the plane, she took charge. At the orders of the terrorists – who were part of the Libya-backed Abu Nidal Organization – she collected the passports of all the passengers, taking care to hide or destroy the American ones, so the terrorists could not target those passengers.

After 17 hours on board, the terrorists opened fire, at which point Neerja threw open the emergency exit. Instead of saving herself by sliding down the emergency chute, she used her body to shield three escaping children, and died in the process.

Afterwards, she was awarded India’s highest peacetime honor, the Ashok Chakra Award, becoming the youngest recipient in the nation’s history. She was also commemorated on a stamp in 2004.