Well its D day. Time to explain to a class room full of four year olds that no Miss Holly is not get fat, she is having a baby. How they haven’t figured it out by now still amazes me.

Open RP(BeatBlaster)

*Beatblaster had fallen into recharge at the entrance of the base and he snored quietly,there was noises and rustling in the woods and he woke up quickly*Who’s there?!*He roared as he growled loudly*Come out now!*He pulled out his twin blaster pointing them at the woods he sat back down and yawned falling back into recharge*Standing guard is very stressful*He finally fell into recharge again and snored slightly loud.He keep hearing noises in the woods but ignored them*It better not be Decepticons out there*He mumbled*


Christophe stumbled through the streets silently, pulling his jacket closed better. His mom kicked him out of the house after he vanished once again, and he refused to tell her where he went. Not once did he mention the injuries he had sustained during his time away. As if it would have been much of a surprise from all the scars that covered his body from previous injuries. Right now he cared less about the injuries, he just wanted to find a place he could keep warm in. But at the moment he figure to settle somewhere at the school, not able to think of a person he could ask.

To make things worse he was already exhausted, mostly because it was already past midnight. Who the fuck would be out, let alone awake at this time? Kicking at the snow on the ground, he growled in slight pain.