I really love this remix of Opelucid City. It’s such a cool jam. If life were an Animal Crossing game, this is what would be playing every time someone walked into my house. It’s (as those who have played both Black and White know) the Black version’s remix (which was techno, unlike White’s); however, both have the same tune, so in the end it really doesn’t matter.

On a more personal note, for those who bought White hoping to get the sweet black pokemon known as Zekrom rather than the goody-two-shoes white pokemon called Reshiram (sorry Reshiram fans), I hope not all of you were nearly as disappointed as I was to get snickered out of Black City and the high-tech Opelucid City. Luckily, I own both, but really! I like the color black and technology: why am I forced to choose between an awesome legendary pokemon and two sweet cities? If you’re anything like me, this techno remix of Opelucid City will come as a great releif from that traditional Opelucid theme in White. Enjoy!

Made by Draze4Blaze.

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Bonnie and Paul!

plz get salty.

Okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

In BW we had all these cool plot ideas set up that were obviously going to come into fruition, we’d see Iris’s past at Opelucid and we’d see Satoshi battle either her or Shaga for the badge since in the games they were the last gym leader after all. Maybe Axew would evolve that was his dream after all. BW did a great job at giving everyone equal screen time, yeah Satoshi got the most as a main character but Iris and Dento also got a good amount of it with getting rivals, Iris working on her goal and Dento started doing a bit with his and got an actual rival he had drive against in Pinot Noir, we were getting the the conclusion of Satoshi’s gym quest 

And the rest is under a cut because I am SALTY about BW2

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I was accepted into the PKMNSkies roleplay group on Deviantart! So I’ll go ahead and post this here.

Name: Lindi
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Deino
Hometown: Opelucid City, Unova
Birthdate: March 16
Nature: Hardy (Characteristic: Mischievous)
Personality: Lindi is generally a kind pokemon. However, she is quite mischievous and can even be selfish at times. Additionally, she is often focused on getting the most “profit” out of any situation, and often initially pursues relationships for that purpose. Other pokemon can usually sense that her interest isn’t solely for the sake of friendship, and avoid her because of this. She gets offended when this happens, because she thinks her approach (of making “allies” instead of “friends”) is completely logical. If she feels that they did not befriend her because she lacks certain skills, then she will feel more at ease (as they would have been following her “logic”). She isn’t particularly ambitious and is fine with working as a subordinate, unless her parents or someone whose opinion she values criticizes her about it. She tries to be confident in herself and ignore those opinions, but over time they can get to her.
Moveset: Dragon Breath, Crunch, Bite, Headbutt
History: Lindi grew up in Opelucid City with her mother (a Hydreigon) and father (an Altaria). She relied on biting things as a child to find out about her surroundings, and now out of habit sometimes chews on gum or other things to calm herself down. Her parents ran a popular bakery in the city, and Lindi’s childhood constantly involved her being taught about baked goods. Her parents noticed that she was not totally comfortable in their shop’s environment, so they signed her up for knitting classes. This sparked her interest in textiles, and she enjoys using those with different textures. Her teacher would sometimes make recommendations about colors for her to use, such as complimentary ones, but she often ignored these comments because she wasn’t interested in the pieces being enjoyed by anyone but herself.

Her work in the bakery led to her discovering that she’s a terrible cook. Unfortunately, this meant that she wouldn’t be able to run the bakery on her own, so she decided that she needed to follow a different path. She has had some difficulty in finding out what she wants to do with her life, and is hoping that moving will give her some more direction. She has tried out several different jobs, but eventually just ended up going back to work for her parents. She has more interest in textiles than anything, and feels that she could enjoy a career in making fabrics, or even fashion design.

Her parents unintentionally place quite a bit of pressure on her because they want her to be able to support herself and live well. Lindi’s desire to be free from this pressure is yet another reason for her to move. Her parents offered her money to help her get started out, but her desire for independence (and her not wanting to be a burden on her parents) led to her refusing their offer. She plans on sending them plenty of letters so they won’t worry about her. She is a bit worried about the state of the town, but she feels that it can be improved with hard work.

+Like all members of her species, she is blind. She relies on touch, smell, and hearing to get a sense of her surroundings.
+She can read braille.
+She likes to work with her hands, and knows how to knit and crochet.
+Gardening and yard work is something she would rather avoid, but she’ll do it if it’s really necessary.
+She is quite good at fishing because of her strong sense of touch and hearing.

flamingarcanine asked:

Clemont and Max?

Send me a Pokémon character!

Clemont: Which city in the games or anime is your favorite?

Well, definitely no city from the anime, that’s for sure. As for games- I do like Teak and Blackthorn City from Gold and Silver a lot, the former because of its distinctly Japanese-ish design and towers, and the latter because I quite like it being a mountain town and all that. Other than those two, there’s also Lavaridge Town from Ruby and Sapphire, Snowpoint City from Diamond and Pearl, and Icirrus and Opelucid City from Black and White.

Max: How old were you when you first got in to Pokémon?

Uhh, I don’t exactly remember when that was… I know that it was a while after the “main Pokémon hype” had started here in Germany, and while I was in the (German equivalent) of elementary school. So… it must’ve been around 2002 or so, when I was nine years old.

protector-of-kalos asked:

Clemont, Cilan and Dawn,

Which city in the games or anime is your favorite?- in the games i like lilycove,sootopolis,snowpoint,castelia,opelucid,nimbassa,laverre

idk about anime cause i forgot what they look but since we saw laverre city yesterday i’ll go with that one

Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to Pokemon, or when it comes to certain aspects of it?- damn right i do especially if it’s BW

Dawn- answered~

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ღ (either)

ღ for a drabble about a romance/their love life

There was a girl she saw at the Small Court often, whose sister was on the women’s tennis team, who had very quickly caught Tange’s attention.

The way Andrea’s bright orange ponytail bounced when she walked, how her green eyes sparkled when she talked about something she liked, and how she actually listened when Tange babbled about something completely nonsensical because it was apparently “cute” (which had the brunette blushing profusely)–

They may have never gotten past the giggly hand-holding and nervous peck-on-the-cheek stage, but Tange nonetheless found herself disappointed when Andrea’s family moved away to Opelucid City. Letters weren’t quite the same, but Tange told herself that it was still nice that they got to communicate from time to time.


I found Zinzolin outside the Opelucid Gym. I decided to use Bella and Xander against him, since Xander worked so well on him before.

Xander was the perfect choice; he did wonderfully :) He hit both of Zinzolin’s Cryogonal with OHKOs from rock slide. But he got cheated out of  landing a OHKO against Weavile; it survived with 1 hit point. But Weavile couldn’t hit Xander for much damage, so Xander finished it off with earthquake.

Great job, Bella and Xander! You did great, Xander! Bella, you didn’t get a chance to fight :( But that’s ok, I know that you’re a great tank.

Of course, despite my victory, the Shadow Triad stole the DNA Splicers anyway :( I wish Drayden had shown them to me inside the gym.

After I left the gym, Drayden told me to go to his house, but I took a detour to go back to the Pokemon World Tournament in order to but some of the regular moves back on my team. Good thing I did too, because after I talked to Drayden, Team Plasma attacked Opelucid City with an ice cannon. My team and I went ahead and helped Drayden take care of the Plasma grunts. Bella, Xander, Tara, and Delilah were all very good matches against those grunts and made short work of them. I had Matthew and Hayden take a little break, since they were a little ahead of the rest of the team thanks to the gym.

Opelucid Gym

I defeated Drayden! I was super worried about him, but I was likewise super prepared ;)

I decided to use Matthew and Hayden against him. I taught Matthew hail and blizzard (I taught new moves to almost all of my Pokemon), and he and Hayden both had charm, which would be ideal in nullifying the threat from Haxorus.

I led with Matthew against Drayden’s Druddigon. Druddigon was fairly difficult, since it hit hard and was decently bulky. I had Matthew start with hail, and Druddigon immediately starting applying pressure with crunch. I had Matthew use blizzard, but it only hit Druddigon for about half its hp, and I wasn’t sure a second blizzard would finish the job all the way. I certainly didn’t want to take that chance after Druddigon hit hard with another crunch, so I healed Matthew up with a moomoo milk. That let hail injure Druddigon a little more so Matthew was easily able to finish it off with his next blizzard.

Drayden sent out his Flygon next. Hail was still in effect, so I left Matthew out and had him use blizzard, which hit Flygon for a OHKO ;)

Then Drayden sent out his ace, Haxorus. I had Matthew use charm, to limit its damage and nullify some of the effects of dragon dance. Matthew was able to get out two charms before Haxorus forced him out of the battle with dragon tail :(

The dragon tail switched Tara into the battle. I had taught her ice punch and she was holding the rocky helmet, so it wasn’t an awful switch. I had her start with attract though, to delay Haxorus ;) Sure enough, Haxorus couldn’t hit her very hard at all, and sometimes couldn’t even hit her. But Tara hit Haxorus for more than half its hp with ice punch. Two ice punches just barely missed finishing it off, thanks to its sitrus berry. But after Drayden healed his Pokemon, Tara landed a critical ice punch against Haxorus, defeating it!

Great job, everyone! Great job to Matthew, who was able to handle Drayden’s first two Pokemon, even landing a OHKO against Flygon. And you totally made Haxorus a non-threat for Tara. And great job Tara! You dominated against Haxorus, and had a spectacular critical hit ;) Poor Hayden and Delilah though; they didn’t get a chance to fight while their partners got to be big damn heroes :(

Shadow Triad

I fought one of the Shadow Triad near one of the exits of Opelucid City. I decided to use Matthew and Hayden against him, since Hayden has a good fighting-type attack, which does well against the Shadow Triad.

I led with Matthew against his Pawniard. Matthew was able to hit Pawniard for about 95% of its hp with dig, just barely missing finishing it off. So Pawniard was able to do a little damage against Matthew with slash before Matthew defeated it with surf.

But Absol came out next, so I sent out Hayden. Hayden also just barely missed finishing off Absol with jump kick, so Absol was able to hit Hayden for about 75% of his hp with night slash; thank Arceus that wasn’t a critical hit. But Hayden was able to finish Absol off with horn leech, and heal off some of his damage.

The last Pokemon was another Pawniard, but Hayden was able to OHKO that thing with a jump kick.

Great job, Matthew and Hayden! Matthew, you’re so reliable ;) And Hayden, I think this may be the first time you actually got to participate in a boss battle! And you did great in it; taking a night slash from an Absol and delivering a OHKO :) Unfortunately, Team Plasma still got away with the DNA Splicers; my victories mean nothing :(

Route 9

I made it to Opelucid City, but there’s nothing really to do there at this point in the game, so I went west to Route 9. There I caught a female Minccino. I was leading with Delilah against the trainers, but then I realized that bikers and roughnecks would have dark types, not fighting like I originally thought. But Tara was able to defend her, and after that I led with Hayden, who has fighting type moves. There was also a double battle against a Krookodile and a Drapion where I used Bella and Xander. I was worried about Xander being hit with a ground attack, but Krookodile decided it wanted to use crunch instead. So Xander was able to handle them with two easy earthquakes.