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ian and mickey styling each other's hair in s4 when they had the same hair cut :)

:) ian sitting on the edge of the tub in the bathroom, sitting mickey down on the floor between his legs and being like “no no this is how i do it, it’s 100% better” and running his fingers through his bf’s hair bc tbh he really likes it and this hair styling thing is just an excuse :) mickey messing up his own hair really bad one day so one day when ian’s running late for work, mickey says he’ll do his hair for him to help speed things up & ian’s rly surprised but happy that mickey volunteered to do that, but mickey just totally fucks it up on purpose, making it look like that bad style he accidentally gave himself, so his bb looks less good bc he’s super jealous of the guys watching him at the club :) bbs getting dressed together and doing each other’s hair in the kitchen while they eat breakfast :) babies playing with each other’s hair tbh!! wtf!!