OP Challenge Day 3: Favorite Scene
Luffy lending his straw hat to Nami

When Luffy gave his most treasured straw hat to Nami, I also sold my soul to Oda. This scene, among many others, made me love One Piece. I ship LuffyNami, and would love to write a dissertation paper about why I do but that’s for another challenge day, but this scene is much more than that. The straw hat represents Luffy’s dreams and he lent it to Nami without second thoughts. Luffy never really knew Nami’s backstory even until now with that recent scene from the Fishman Island with Jinbei.

Yet Luffy gave his most prized possession to her, a Captain’s trust to his Navigator is one the most important thing in a crew. I do believe that Luffy (captain), Nami (navigator), and Franky (shipwright) are the main pillars of the crew - if one of them was taken down first, the Straw Hats crew will fall apart.

Also I think this is one of the most epic scene when Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp went to kick the ass of person who made their nakama cry. 

PS: I’m just bullshitting because this scene is so shippy. Luffy only gave his hat to Nami. Period.

one piece challenge

i actually wanted to do the one piece 30 day challenge but i wanted something simpler so i adapted this challange and made one of my own. feel free to use this too 

  • one arc/saga
  • two islands
  • three back stories 
  • four otps
  • five captains/pirate crews
  • six devil fruits
  • seven marines
  • eight scenes
  • nine characters
  • ten quotes

30 Day One Piece Challenge
Day 9: Favorite Line

“Can you not see anything?! The confidence that you’ll overcome all obstacles…your strength that you’ve never doubted before…and then there’s your brother who was your guiding light…you have lost so many things. The great obstacle known as ‘the world’ is blocking your vision! Don’t just count everything you’ve lost! What’s gone is gone! But ask yourself this, "what remains?”

Jinbei’s words to Luffy after the loss of his brother

One Piece Challenge Day 7: Favorite Male Character

There’s no One Piece fan who doesn’t love Monkey D. Luffy. He is the epitome of the perfect shounen hero. Luffy has a personality that you can’t help but love. He has an eccentric sense of humor, adventurous, straightforward, and always positive. Luffy has good instincts that gave him a loyal crew who are all willing to die for him.

I love the way Oda gave Luffy this whole strong image but made him not invincible. Luffy lost some of his fights but he bounces back just like what happened with the death of his brother. I especially love that scene between Luffy and Jinbei where he almost gave up on his dreams, but then realized that there are people who still loves and supports him to become Pirate King.  Luffy didn’t let the guilty and hate consumed him but instead he moved on and trained hard when he realized that whatever skills he has wasn’t enough. 

Also, who can resist Luffy’s infectious laugh? 


One Piece Challenge Day 5: Favorite Arc

The Paramount War (Marineford Arc)

This is the story arc that made One Piece number one and where Eiichiro Oda showed me that he’s not an illustrator who can write but an author who can draw. The Marineford Arc was so well written and perfect in every sense. 

I love the Whitebeard pirates and how they all went to get Ace back. I love how Oda portrayed their drive  to save their nakama through side little backstories like with Oars and Whitebeard. The bond between the two brothers. I love how Garp, Akainu, Coby and the rest of the marines were portrayed in this. That just because the protagonist were pirates doesn’t automatically equate that marines were the enemies. 

The build up from the Impeldown arc to this was awesome as well. Oda didn’t fail to deliver with epic fight scenes episode every episodes/chapter every chapter. There was never really a dull moment. Oda made me actually cry from the start of this chapter to the end with Luffy and Ace’s backstory. This was the perfect end to the first part or book one of One Piece. 

PS: The most amusing part is that Oda said that he never really expected the Marineford arc to become as popular as it did. He said that this was just a normal arc and that there will be more amazing ones, particularly the ending, after this

I love Nami. Her backstory is one of the most touching ones in One Piece and is one of the turning points during the first season. She started out as a selfish thief who loves money and tried to show to the world that she doesn’t care about anyone else. But she does care and that’s why she hated herself for starting to like being with Luffy, Zoro and Usopp at first and didn’t want them to get involve with her problems anymore than necessary. 

Nami is a bitch, smart, ambitious, confident and caring. I love her navigating and cartography skills which is her natural talent.  Also she knows her limitations and trains hard to be more useful to the crew. She is one of the most emotionally strong characters in One Piece considering what happened during her childhood.  


There aren’t a lot of villains, per ser, in One Piece. I prefer the term ‘antagonist’.

My favorite antagonist has to be Marine Fleet Admiral Akainu. I love Akainu’s duty harden persona. I know he killed Ace but Akainu is a marine. Being a pirate is illegal. Although I love the whole pirate thing, I’m sure not every pirate crew is sunshine and daises like the StrawHats. People like Akainu, Borsalino, Impel Down Warden Magellan and Hannyabal, and Z are really the reason how some ordinary citizens in the One Piece world manage to sleep at night.