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Grey Gatorback (Pygmy Dragon Breed)

Often found in wooded areas, Grey Gatorbacks were bred by the Dragonologists of the Australian Dragon Reserves, from Marsupial Dragons and Antipodean Opaleyes flown over from New Zealand, and are used to keep watch around the perimeter. Their watching, in addition to the Reserves wards, have prevented the poaching of the dragons, as well as alerted the Dragonologists to the presence of other visitors.

In recent years the Grey Gatorback has become incredibly popular with the Dragonologists of America, as, though they can grow to a fair size, they are not considered threatening by any of the American dragon breeds, nor the Alligators they sometimes end up sharing territory with. Gatorbacks love swimming, when they can, and make loyal guard creatures and pets, protecting their wixes from creatures which might attack them.

Amfisbena: Forest Dragon by telthona

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http://www.schonmagazine.com/warrioress/'WARRIORRESS' for ...

http://www.schonmagazine.com/warrioress/’WARRIORRESS’ for …


‘WARRIORRESS’ for Schön! Magazine

Photography – Rio-Romaine
Make Up & Hair – Violet Zeng
Stylist – Calvin Opaleye
Model – Ellen Burton @ Profile Models
Skin Retoucher – Sandra Ojuri
Chain Mask – Manuel Díaz – Fashion Designer

by: Manuel Díaz Fashion

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Photo Credit: @topaltouch

Pygmy Dragons (Breeds)

Pygmy Dragons are unusual creatures, largely brought about by the limited breeding opportunities of many Dragon Reserves. While there have been recent initiatives to counter the trouble this inbreeding has caused the various breeds of dragons, Pygmy Dragons still exist. These small creatures are often violently rejected by their parents (with the exception of the far more sociable and highly intelligent Chinese Fireballs and Webbed Water Dragons), and thus are given to a newly formed group of Dragonologists who raise the dragonets, and tend them.

While the vast majority of these Pygmy Dragons breed with Pygmy Dragons of their own respective breeds (Hebridean Blacks with Hebridean Blacks, Romanian Longhorns with Romanian Longhorns and so on) some specimens do breed with Pygmys of other breeds (Hebridean Blacks with Hungarian Horntails are not uncommon, and Ukrainian Ironbellies with Antipodean Opaleyes likewise). Due to this some of the Dragonologists wondered if they might be able to create wholly new breeds of Pygmy Dragon through carefully encouraging the breeding of certain combinations. 

Thus, in addition to the various Pygmy Dragons of all currently known varieties of dragons, there are also numerous breeds currently in existence, as well as a few still being bred into existence (such as a breed believed to bear traits of the now-extinct Coppered Welsh Red). Below is an Alphabetical list of all currently known and registered breeds of Pygmy Dragon, beyond those specimens which are Pygmy Dragons of known True Dragon breeds.

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