Hey! I’m a huge fan and I decided to try and draw you using only one size brush and only changing opacity and color so I chose my favorite picture of you and I ended up totally disliking how it looked but I was told to send it to you anyway, so uh, Enjoy!

AHH it’s awesome thank you!
#1 Pet Peeve about TS4 CAS

I’m in love with TS4’s CAS, but there is something I just can’t stand.

Why aren’t there any lipstick or blush options for male sims in TS4? Why are the eyeshadow and eyeliner options so damn limited for males as well?

Eurgh, I relied on having makeup options available for my guy sims. They really help with adding contours and shading to otherwise plain-looking faces. And if I want to put my male sims in bright red lipstick..it’s my business. This game also needs some type of opacity slider like…yesterday. I feel like the game has taken a step back when it comes to this.

I saw a thread complaining about it on the official forums, but lost braincells reading the shitfits people were throwing over the thought of men wearing makeup. I swear the official forums can’t be saved.

ragyo said:

hey can i ask what u used to get those pokemons in ur pic?

photoshop! search for transparent images of your pokemon and just place them where they look best over a pic of yourself. Be sure to use the black paint brush on a low opacity to add shadows—it helps add depth and sell the illusion  :)

anonymous said:

How did you do the text for the mockingjay gifs were katniss says she never wanted any of this she didn't want to be in the games. Thanks!

NEXA BOLD - CRISP FONT STYLE - size 7 (or 8) - CAPSLOCK - letter spacing: 200-600, really depends on what you like - 30% drop shadow - white font - font opacity: 90%

anonymous said:

how do you guys edit your screencaps/picasm? They always look so smooth

For smoothness? well let’s see…

First of all I use Smart Sharpen with Amount=500% and Radius=0.3pixels or Amount=50% and Radius=0.4pixels, depending on the quality of the picture.

Then I duplicate the layer that I just sharpened, and use Gaussian Blur on it, with Radius 0.9 pixels. Then, I go to Blending Options and play around with the opacity of the layer. Usually I set it around 30… but, again, it all depends on the quality of the pic.

That’s basically it.

And after that comes the coloring and all…

anonymous said:

this might sound like a weird question but what kind of texture do you use to colour or how did you do it like that? like you did in the sam's off drawing, (the dog's fur, sam's shorts etc) because i think it's really effective and i want to try practicing different types of colouring. thank you!

For picture’s like Sam’s Day Off (the cartoony style) I usually use a super simple cell shading/overlay technique. Something like this:

Layer 1 -  Line art

Layer 2 - A neutral texture set to ‘Overlay’ and set to a low opacity

Layer 3 - Shadows, also set to ‘Overlay’

Layer 4 -  Flat colors

I have a pretty big folder of just different textures that I use, but the one that I used for those three (which is producing the effect that you’re seeing in the dog’s fur etc) I nabbed from lexxercise who also has a great tutorial on how they use and create their textures —> (x)

Adolescence is like heavy rain; even if you catch a cold from it, you’d still look forward to experiencing it once again.

那些年 (in those bygone years)

"He’s kind of a painting. You could look at him and think that all he is, is a blur. And you could continue living your life thinking that all he is, is just a blur. But if you really look at him, really see him, focus on him — He could be anything. Anything except the blur you were once convinced he was."