✧ THEME #03 ✧ A L L   I N   O N E ✧
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the idea of this theme was ‘all in one’, you can access about page, message/faq page, links, etc. straight from the home page of your blog, whilst still keeping the appearance looking neat.

customising this theme requires some knowledge of html; for specific instructions on customisation please see here.

✧ features ✧

  • 250px posts only
  • 1, 2 or 3 columns
  • infinite scrolling only
  • adjustable post background opacity
  • optional gradient background
  • optional updates tabs
  • about page, message page and links page

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floating buttons theme - v1.0

this is my second theme ever and i don’t know if this one is too weird or whatever but here it is

static preview 1 | code
static preview 2 | code


  • 250/400/500px
  • optional round corners
  • optional borders
  • circle or square buttons
  • all the buttons expand individually when you hover which i think is pretty cool
  • 128px wide sidebar image, doesn’t have to be 1:1 this time
  • side images, i’m just not good at picking them out for previews sorry
  • infinite scroll or pagination
  • show/hide captions, tags
  • 4 custom links but you can add more
  • lots of color options
  • three background settings to easily switch between tiled backgrounds, max backgrounds, and a stretch option for things like gradients
  • a couple advanced options that you might not even need to change like sidebar margins and button opacity

so yEAH actually i still feel new to this so please let me know if something is wrong and i can try to fix it

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jesse-drawz said:

Hello ;u; Can I ask for a little tip, please? when you draw, and you have the lineart lines, how do you change the colour of them? So they're like the colours. I've been dying to know from so many people, but sadly, I haven't been able to find an answer.

it’s super easy, friend! no worries

on your lineart layer, just select the opacity lock option!


it’s here in sai


and here in photoshop!

just select that, grab your colour, and then (while still using the lineart layer) draw over it with the colour you want to change it to.

piece of cake!

belovedblabber said:

How do you color?

I’m not going to put together a how-to for this, instead I’m just going to direct you to some of the coloring tutorials (by artists that are much better than myself) that I’ve used in the past -


Basics of Photoshop Painting by Peter Mohrbacher <— this is a super simple tutorial but it pretty much gives you all you need to know. I usually start my digital paintings with 80% opacity rather than 60%, which is why a lot of my stuff has a chunky cartoon look.

"My Heart" Painting Demo by Peter Mohrbacher <— shows a more detailed example of how to apply the techniques from the Basics video.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter speedpainting tutorial by Xia Taptara <— I guess I could point you to any speedpainting tutorial on Youtube, but I really like this one. I love watching speedpainting tutorials because they remind me not to start obsessing over the details of a painting too early in the process.

Self Portrait Process by Loish <— I love Loish’s work and it’s really cool to be able to see her process. She inspired me to use a rectangular brush! This is the one I use:


(IDK if that’s the same one Loish uses but it seems to give a similar effect as her work. Also, this is Photoshop CS5.)

Another note on my digital art: I use very few layers. (My most recent instagram WIP is done all on one layer, for example.) At most I’d say I use 3-5 layers, though I’m always merging layers as I go along and decide to keep certain additions. I have tried colorizing black-and-white underpaintings in past work but nowadays I generally keep all layers on Normal mode and just keep painting on top of rough sketches.


Tutorial: Painting with Acrylic Inks by Jenny Dolfen (goldseven) <— pretty much all you need to know about painting with acrylic inks. I love acrylic ink because it looks like watercolor but takes far less time to dry. If you see me most anything that looks like watercolor, it’s probably done in acrylic ink.


NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Phoebe

Phoebe’s a bit of an anti-climactic name after those two. I bought these from Sephora while in the US for $29, but Australians can buy them from Mecca for $38. There are twelve shades in the range, although Mecca’s website only shows six.

These are intended for wet or dry application, and I’ve swatched them both dry and wet, in that order, in the above photo. These shadows are soft, creamy, and in my opinion, perform better when wet. Where I had to apply multiple layers to reach opacity when the shadows were dry, I only had to apply two to do the same when they were wet. I’m not used to using eyeshadows when wet, but I think if I want to get the most out of these, I’ll have to get used to it!

Having said that, they are lovely eyeshadows - NARS always has unique and beautiful eyeshadow colours, and these are no exception. Cassiopeia does remind me a bit of their Himalaya eyeshadow, however, and Andromeda of their Night Star eyeshadow, and I’m not sure if those similarities are intentional or not.


So, this psd was made for dark scenes, but if you play with opacity of the each ”group” and with the layers you can get a good psd for others scenes too. 
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Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. 

Adolescence is like heavy rain; even if you catch a cold from it, you’d still look forward to experiencing it once again.

那些年 (in those bygone years)

"He’s kind of a painting. You could look at him and think that all he is, is a blur. And you could continue living your life thinking that all he is, is just a blur. But if you really look at him, really see him, focus on him — He could be anything. Anything except the blur you were once convinced he was."