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Howdo u draw custom villagers?

Hellooo! So, I’m not going to go super into detail about it, but it’s basically about using blocks of shapes, clipping layers, and looooots of layers. It’s handy to separate the pieces into their own folders so you don’t get confused.

Like so:


So first off, you want to start with a basic sketch. Make sure you reference so you can get the lighting and proportions correct.


So once you have your basic sketch, you can start filling in the blobs of colour.


Then you use a med-dark shade of gray with air brush tool and set it to shade at 100%


Then make a new layer and use white airbrush to do your highlighting. Set it to screen at 79% opacity.


Then you add your textures and mess with the brightness and contrast to deepen the colour and the like. And then you have your finished product!


Ta da!

how to make any photo instantly look better:

  • open the pic in photoshop or pixlr or w/e editing program u have
  • put a new layer on top of the pic and fill it completely with white
  • put another layer on top of the white one and completely fill it with black
  • change the layer style of the black and white fill layers to 'overlay'
  • fiddle with opacity on the layers until the desired effect is achieved
  • instant prettier and sharper photo

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could i ask what sharpening settings u use?

if you are talking about the gifs I use an action that I’ve created, I don’t want to upload the file so I’ll give you only the settings and the steps

1. Smart Sharpen: Amount: 500 - Radius: 0.3px - More Accurate
2. Duplicate the layer
3. Gaussian Blur, Radius: 1.0px
4. Set the copy layer with 35% of Opacity


I am so proud of myself! I am making tiny progress towards using an illustrator/editor program. I’m designing a new business card, and REALLY love this pickle picture. But I didn’t like the little section of white pillow/sheet that was showing (I should have made my bed neater). You can see in the second photo that I have cloned another area and put it in there with less than 100% opacity. Seriously, this is a huge step for me. 

What do you think about the card?

Mech/power armor study. Trying two things here: Messing with using a Photoshop brush where pen pressure controls both size and opacity, and exploring the grey area between anime and DARPA. It probably came down a little closer to the former than the latter, but I suppose I can always address the deficiency with some tan paint and a gritty voiceover:

"War. War has changed, except that war never changes, which was a change. War. We were entering a new age that was yet timeless, because it was second hand and smelled funny. Because in the darkness of the dark, there is only… darkness."

(Cut to a prerendered animation of something grey and brown with a depth of field effect and lots of bloom. Hero with good hair and a hint of mascara looks grim and is too cool to look at the camera.)

I challenged myself to do a full drawing in an hour
I had 14 minutes to spare. I could’ve corrected stuff with that time but I’m happy with it right now. I just wanted to see if I could do something like this in an hour or less. See how long it would take me if I was rushing.

Also there is a actual shading way to shade but I prefer just scribbling on some darker or lighter colors on a low opacity airbrush setting, it’s so much easier hahaha

Adolescence is like heavy rain; even if you catch a cold from it, you’d still look forward to experiencing it once again.

那些年 (in those bygone years)

"He’s kind of a painting. You could look at him and think that all he is, is a blur. And you could continue living your life thinking that all he is, is just a blur. But if you really look at him, really see him, focus on him — He could be anything. Anything except the blur you were once convinced he was."

ltnpalomo answered: theta making holo-graphic flower crowns?

bff’s make each other flower crowns and help each other kill insurrectionist soldiers