Ruth Connell on Jensen

x “For my first episode, Jensen directed it, and he is just the loveliest man.

He is so kind and so patient. It was an amazing first experience working on Supernatural, and it was great to be directed by him. I had been watching as many episodes of Supernatural that I possibly could, and then when I got there, he is so boyish and so young in real life.

I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness! How am I supposed to do this show with him?’  He is so youthful and looks so young.



Basically — like anything else in my weird life — having a favorite book is a complicated topic. 

My brother has a cold that makes his voice sound exactly like Castiel's
  • Bro:Hey the... woah...
  • Me:Yeah you ok?
  • Bro:Who knew congestion could turn you into an angel of the lord.
  • Me:You actually do sound exactly like Castiel.
  • Bro:*looks me in the eye* I love you Dean.
  • Me:*dies laughing*