30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat Member - Nico Robin
She's completely amazing, beautiful, smart, powerful = a flawless character.
What i most love about her is that she's the representing of hope in the team. Hope that made her able to find her nakamas and be happy with them.
Another thing i love about her is the kind of relationship she have with every strawhat member. She is the big sis for Nami, the mom for chopper, etc.
Also, she developed an absolutely blind trust on Luffy, she's always there and always supporting her captain in every choice he makes (even if it's a crazy/stupid one).

She has been trough a lot of crap and i think she just found her perfect place.
30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 2: Favourite Villain - Crocodile

I mean, he's just that kind of cool villain. The smart kind of. He has a plan, he's not just doing it
because he likes to cause chaos or dead. He has a plan and he follows it.
I use to don't like him, because he used and hurted Robin, but i think after marineford is all forgiven.
Also he's really handsome (; and something that calls my attention is that at Impet Down and
marineford his participation was incredible! he really acts on Luffy's side, even saving Ace's life
once. I think he kind of respect Luffy.
He has a super logia power tho.
30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 5: Favourite Arc - Water 7

I think is was one of the most interesting arcs, we get to know the force from the marine,
we have and absolutely amazing city, the dock, the umi ressha, galley-la, Sogeking,
the going merry funeral, bufff, a lot of drama on Robin and Franky pasts, good fights...
God i love this saga.
Also i think the animation and drawings were the best on this saga than all the others in one piece.