Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is right around the corner (Sept. 30) so I decided to make some backgrounds!

-before you use them-

  • credit me somewhere if you use it on your blog
  • a reblog would be nice, but isn’t necessary
  • don’t repost these on other sites, linking back to the post however is totally cool.
  • don’t remove the caption i made, because that’d be p lame of you and i will judge
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anonymous said:

What do you think of Emma Watson's UN speech?

i think its definitely a good thing because so many young girls look up to her and this is a big step for mainstream feminism bc SO MANY role models for young women totally denounce it (megan trainor, shailene woodley, lady gaga, katy perry ETC)
i mean, on the other hand, she seems to be pandering to men a bit in her speech soo its not really the kind of feminism that ppl should be learning about BUT it can be a stepping stone ya kno

okay SO if you didn’t know, my #hair is now dual toned with black underneath, and this lovely woman at school did it in this HELLA #BRAID that looks HELLA with the two tones
and from the front it looks like i have a pixie cut and it really makes me want one???? but i also really want to look like anna??? what do y’all think?
also ignore the awkward pose (i didn’t know how to pose it???) and LOOK AT MY #HORSE SWEATER
#me #selfie #personal #op (at Salon Boutique Academy)