Can we call trans men out on their shit

Without calling them “shrimp dicks”?

To quote mamamantis/ baphomeme, “insulting a man based on his penis size… hinges on patriarchally enforced standards of hypermasculinity and is literally not progressive or radical in any conceivable way”

Also insulting a trans person on the basis of their genitals is just a really fucked thing to do.

DeanBenny Week Challenge Day Three - Control

If you’d prefer reading this story on AO3 it can be found here -


“Babe, you have to sit still.”

Dean’s voice was thick with satisfaction, a smug little grin playing across his features when he saw how strained the older man was beneath him, muscles visibly shaking from exertion. His fingertips traced slowly down along the tense line of his lover’s neck, drawing along the jut of his left collarbone before Dean let his hand draw further down to caress along the older man’s pectorals.

“Otherwise we’ll just have to start all over again – and you wouldn’t want to do that, would you babe?”

The only reply he got from the older man was a restrained groan, lips pursed tightly together in an attempt to keep the litany of curses back. Dean’s gaze flicks over Benny’s face, watching his lust-blown eyes roll to the back of his head when he finally swiveled his hips in a slow figure-eight, burying Benny’s twitching cock deep inside of him.

They’d been at this for quite some time. Dean had been waiting for Benny when he came home, sprawled out naked on the couch with a playful smirk on his lips and a come-hither glint in his eyes. It’d taken Benny three seconds flat to slam the door behind him and press his lover into the soft cushions of the couch, hungrily covering Dean’s mouth with his own. But the tables had turned soon after that. Dean had rolled out from underneath Benny’s stocky frame, leaving the older man confused as he was ordered around, thick legs splayed open as he took a seat on the couch and listened to Dean’s conditions.

It’d taken a while for Benny to accept the loss of control. He was used to be the one in charge – both at his workplace and in the bedroom – so it had taken several playful slaps and denied touches before he finally complied, watching breathlessly as Dean teased him to the brink of madness.

“You like this?” Dean asked, breath ghosting across the older man’s face when he let his hips move once more – body tightening around his lover’s cock when he rose on his knees, only leaving the head of Benny’s shaft inside of his tight heat. “Having control taken from you… You’re always such a bossy bear; I think it’s good you finally get some of your own medicine.”

“Dean, I swear-“

“Oh you won’t swear anything darling.” Dean’s index finger flicked teasingly over one of Benny’s nipples, tongue flicking out to wet his lips as he sank back down on Benny’s shaft, thoroughly enjoying the rumbling moan it earned him. His palm spread out between Benny’s pectorals before he put pressure behind his touch, pushing his upper body back against the couch before his gaze flicked up to meet Benny’s wavering stare. “Now, be a sweetheart and sit still. I’m not done riding you yet darling, and I’m not yet sure if I want you to come before I’m ready for round two…”

this sounds stupid but wrecking ball is always a song that breaks my heart when i hear it. every time. it just…hits a chord and reminds me of the girl who wrecked me you know?

i want to make a playlist of songs that have a heart breaking impact on people, reblog so lots of people can add, don’t be shy: what’s that one song that gets you every time, that reminds you of that person and just hurts?

y’all ever see a chick and you just know she spends her nights jackin off to supernatural gifs

or see a dude and know they spend a painful amount of time postin youtube comments on gameplay videos coated in cheeto dust

cause i got some of both types in my classes this semester and look, i know, judge not others lest ye be judged, but i’ve had too many conversations devolve into yaoi and racism, nope