whats with white people when they take selfies they kinda squint at the camera and rest their hand in a half assed posed oover their mouth or eyes i cannot even see most of ur face and u look uncomfortable. your hair looks nice tho

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From all the playoff runs you've seen from the Pens since 2012, what makes this year different? I'm surprised there isn't a blowout yet.

Well~ Our current players have better attitudes & don’t let themselves get over emotional and aren’t frustrated as easily. Our coach makes adjustments & doesn’t get overly emotional himself. Sid has really stepped it up even more than usual to be a good leader. Flower has been playing exceptionally well. This is the most put-together team I’ve seen since probably the 09 cup team, even with all of the injuries. They’re just mentally not off scared anymore.

a oover cab just showed up at my house asking for me???? I DIDNT SEND THEM ??? LIKE THEY ASKED FOR ME SPECIFICALLY?? 

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also the current gm is in really hot water rn bc he continuously is lazy w his job and doesn’t finish his work ever and now that there’s gonna be a new gm in like a month he’s going berserk over  compensating like???? he’s trying to sound like he’s trying without actually doing any work he thinks that being a good boss is to jump into the fire when it’s already smoldering out he thinks that if he tells people what to do and piles work onto one person then the rest of the kitchen will be fine n he’s targeting me bc i know all of this and he wants me to fuck up n be oover my out times and make sure that i’m seen as irresponsible either because he wants me to lose my job or he wants to take the attention off himself

either way i’m livid but it doesn’t matter i’m angry about so many things and this is just the final straw i guess i’m just really annoyed not like anyone cares or anything

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I have been Reading most of the interviews and has been annoying me because you have a very fair point and they do mention we shouldn't be worried about Emma but instead Regina because of what you pointed out she does good and gets screwed oover again. They could have handled things better and as you said they seem to be together in the pictures that we had seen meaning he throws his code to the space and yet you try to see something positive but is hard. Is a fucked up storyline.

I don’t like how it’s being handled but that’s just my own personal feelings.

This is really bad for Regina’s character to go through this and obviously terribad for Robin. I suppose we’ll all see what happens Sunday night and in the next two weeks but unless they hit some sort of reset which it doesn’t look like they are this is going to be a very painful complicated mess forever.

Shipping outlaw queen is like the helicarrier falling from the sky crashing into the ocean then managing to get back up into the air for the engines to give out and it crashes again but it’ll rise again!