quietly combines two minkuri prompts…. someone suggested mink giving clear jellyfish jewelry he made himself and then tigerine suggested mirrors…. i got lazy on a few parts bc i was sick while i finished this but yea _(:3

also whispers the turquoise beads on the necklace represent clear’s love for jellyfish/the ocean and the pink center jewel is for the color of his eyes huuuu


Aside from the free villain DLC we’ll be getting [this one], it seems we’ll be getting 4 paid DLC! These packs will include new characters, stages, costumes, weapons, adventure maps and even game modes! The first one will be released in October and the rest will release in the coming months all the way up until February. Koei Tecmo is offering an option where you can pre-order the DLC for 3,000 Yen [about $30], which is roughly $10 cheaper and by doing so you will unlock Dark Link completely free!

Here is a list of the upcoming DLC:

Master Quest Pack

  • Released in October 16th
  • 1,200 Yen
  • 1 New Scenario
  • 1 New Weapon
  • New Adventure Map
  • 2 New Costumes

Twilight Princess Pack

  • Released in November
  • 1,200 Yen
  • 1 New Character
  • 1 New Weapon
  • New Adventure Map
  • 2 New Costumes

Majora’s Mask Pack

  • Released in January
  • 1,200 Yen
  • 2 New Characters
  • New Adventure Map
  • 3 New Costumes

Ganon Pack 

  • Released in February
  • 500 Yen
  • 2 New Game Modes

There is significance behind it. I wonder if I should tell the story or not or save it for my autobiography.
My group of friends… we were all turnig 18 at same time and we all basically put in money for each other’s birthday […] and everyone turned 18, each got.. I’d say that about seven of us manage to get sort of these types of presents - mine was a ring - and then it kinda like petered out a bit actually. I’m starting to feel sorry for these guys who’s birthdays came up later on. But needless to say everyone put together and got me this ring, so i wear it just to remember my friends who i grew up with.

anonymous said:

Did you ever have any issues or were you ever worried about wasabi biting? Because I don't know much about iguanas, but I imagine that their bite would pack a punch. I've been bitten by a blue tongue lizard before and that already hurt enough. So I couldn't imagine an iguana bite

nah im never worried about wasabi biting - a green iguanas main defense is their tail, which they brandish behind them like a whip and use to strike to about the same effect



but there are a lot of warnings beforehand, so if youre paying attention you can avoid a four foot tail to the face by watching their body language - a raised /curled tail, upward stance,open mouth, extended dewlap and headbobbing are all signs that whatever lizard youre messing with is MAD AS HECK and you need to Back Off

i HAVE been bit by wasabi before though, and youre RIGHT it can actually draw blood and hurts a whole dang lot but its never been as a sign of aggression - its Always when ive got a piece of food in my hand and she just. goes right for the finger because shes a goddamn idiot who doesnt know the difference between an apple slice and human flesh

Fargo: behind the scenes with Martin Freeman

Martin: “The first  day on the set - I didn’t want to be the limey, who wasn’t getting the accent right.”

Noah Hawley: “There was always this energy that I felt was under the surface, that I felt with him. Which was a very Lester-like quality. Someone is totally handcuffed by ..?…society but is capable of exploding. “

Martin about Fargo: “There’s enough darkness in there to make it not boring to play the Minnesotan nice all the time, ‘cause no one is so nice all the time. …….It’s like ‘Stepford’. Underlie all of this all this conveyble of nicety and manners, there’s some horrible shit going on.”


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