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FC Bayern - Manchester City FC: Champions league is back!

*sorry about the picture, i had to. btw dzeko looks so fat in it wow*

same old story, another year of champions league, another match against city. good luck! :)

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good luck again! :)

anonymous said:

Just finished TSoT - there is no reason to show Sherlock looking like a lost unwanted puppy on the dancefloor and leaving the wedding early with this hardened, heartbroken expression on his face other than to illustrate how fucking in love he is with John and how hard he is pining after his best friend. Like, give me one good reason to justify him looking so goddamn sad on his best friend's wedding day, if not because he feels like he's just lost his last chance at happiness? It makes me so MAD.

Especially considering that this scene refers to a scene of Classic Who where the Doctor has to leave his companion who just got happily engaged and which, according to Mark Gatiss himself, is his “childhood trauma”