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Send me a ship: Chulu

Who cooks: Sulu. Chekov isn’t all that good in the kitchen;

Who does the laundry and other chores: Chekov does the laundry and the dishes, the rest of the chores are equally divided between the two of them.

How many children do they have: Two girls and one boy.

Who’s more dominate: They both can be very dominate, it really depends on the day/mood.

Favorite nonsexual activity: They like talking, they talk about everything and nothing, and hours and hours pass by with them just talking.

Their favorite place to be together: I don’t think Sulu has a ~favourite~ place, he just likes being with Pavel and Chekov likes when they’re in Sulu’s greenhouse. He loves the way Hikaru takes care of each and every plant and the look he gets in his eyes while doing so.

Any traditions: Once every year they go to a different planet they haven’t gone before and just take the week off to be just the two of them with no worries.

Their “song”: The one that comes to mind right now is Warmness of The Soul by Avenged Sevenfold.

What they do for each other on holidays: Sulu buys tickets to Russia so Pavel can meet with his family and Pavel always finds a new rare plant to give Hikaru, who has no idea how Chekov finds them, but he doesn’t ask because he likes the surprise.

Where did they go for their honeymoon: Some lost, isolated island in the middle of the ocean. It was Kirk’s present.

Where did they first meet: Starfleet Academy.

Any pets: They have three cats, two dogs, a turtle, a bunny rabbit, and four aliens pets. Chekov can’t resist them and Sulu can’t resit Chekov.

What do they fight over: The silly littlest thing, mostly Sulu’s over protectiveness.

Do they go on vacations, if so where: They go on vacations whenever they can and go every possible place they can. Be it to a little town just an hour away or to a planet in another system.

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Scott have you heard about the Gambit standalone movie starring Channing Tatum that will apparently be happening

i dont think its a standalone movie im pretty sure hes just gonna be in the next x men movie after dofp

if channing tatum stars in as gambit in a standalone movie i would kill myself

5 random factstw

the lovely ladies irwins-bandanass and helloitsbelle tagged me, so i’ll do both on one post! it makes me really happy to be tagged by you two cause you’re both adorable babies <3

  1. my mom used to hide presents and easter eggs around the house when i was little to make me believe in the tales
  2. i had my ear pierced when i was 10 cause my dad didnt want to pierce it when i was a baby cause he was afraid the earring would get stuck in the pillow and hurt me
  3. i never had a friendship that lasted longer than 4 years
  4. i have scars on both my knees cause i was a stupid kid and got hurt really easily 
  5. ive met my current best friends because of a local band, and we are lucky to live in the same city
  6. once i punched a guys face cause he said the rev was useless and a7x was okay withouth him (i was a little obsessed with them that time, and he was in my class and my science teacher was also a fan so i didnt got in trouble)
  7. i learned english by using tumblr
  8. i had a twin but she died during birth
  9. i dye my hair since i was 11
  10. my friends say i have about 5 different laughs and that im too loud





















So this was originally gonna be a post about Chekov’s accent being written into the novelization (Scotty’s too)

But then

On the bridge, Pavel Chekov swivelled in the command chair. The look on his face was one of relief as he spotted Kirk among those stepping out of the elevator. Throughout the wide, curving room that was the heart of the Enterprise, officers and ensigns barely glanced up from the multitude of multihued flashing readouts and monitors that marked their respective stations. "Keptin on the bridge!" Having formally announced the obvious, Chekov vacated the command seat and gratefully returned to his navigator’s station. [from page 19 of Star Trek: Into Darkness - A Novelization by Alan Dean Foster; Gallery Books 2013]

"Pavel Chekov swivelled in the command chair.”

Yeah, that’s right. They left Pasha in charge of the Enterpise.

oopsabird replied to your post: Guys I had a great day with my friends and then I…

Psst exactly how bad is the art

feast your eyes


I’ve skimmed it at this point, but:

  • something something Jim Kirk giving advice about girls
  • Chekov’s room is covered in shitty giant posters about chess for some reason? Including “KEEP CALM AND PLAY CHESS” which, please don’t
  • Sulu has a Dark Backstory, a guy in here I don’t know crashes a thing, there’s a lot of bro-angst, which is just so fresh and bold of a stance for them to take, really
  • They don’t actually MEET until just before we see them in ST:XI which is the actual real reason I feel gypped
  • The characterizations you dialed are clearly disconnected from canon, please hang up the franchise and try again

Let’s be real, these comics at this point are part of the paper bag in the freezer of Star Trek labeled “DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT”

Well I don’t know what I expected


So I forgot it was tumblr prom (ARG)
So I have this three year old picture of me in the dress I wore to prom that I intended to take pictures in (it’s at home and I’m at con oops) but alas. So we have these two choices. Because Ciel is very fancy and I’m so happy with how that turned out.
Apologies to oopsabird for being a very forgetful tumblr prom date. ;_;
(She looks very cool and I’m going to reblog her photoset in a second)