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Can you imagine shipping someone for years, and still not get a canon confirm? Like what must that be like?? I'm thinking of Phan of course (though I personally think there was something to it in the beginning, but it eventually grew platonic and that's where it stands), but just that feeling of knowing something, but then again not really knowing—it's absolutely maddening!

yeah man, it’s a little frustrating, but tbh it’s too much fun to stop. I mean, I’ve shipped phan for well over a year and a half, so I kinda disagree with you, I’m pretty convinced they’re together oops. At this point, I just ship it regardless of whether or not they continue to flirt and be cute (but tbh they only do so more and more as time passes)

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“Jennifer and Josh are the funniest pair and a joy to watch. They have a language all their own, and it’s really funny. The chemistry that they have on screen is really a reflection of the friendship they have off screen.” - Jeffrey Wright

Lenny Kravitz (about Jennifer) : “She has no internal filter, no system of selection of words”
Elizabeth Banks: “She does. The filter name is Josh Hutcherson. He really helps her.”

"You can totally tell that Jenn and Josh adore each other." - Megan Hayes

“Jen and Josh’s amazing relationship and the amount of new ways they could fuck with each other. Yeah the chemistry between those two is sort of (a gift) yeah it’s incredible.” - Jena Malone and Sam Claflin.

sometimes i think i’m way too detail orientated this can’t be healthy

oh well at least it looks pretty

the inside pages for my disciple book ;u;

tea stained pieces of computer paper and then i printed an excerpt of shellebelle’s “Nameless” fic if you haven’t read it already then you should because it’s one of the best first ship fics ever seriously go read now here’s the link no excuses 

the text reads:

And they cut the Signless Sufferer down from the flogging jut, thumping his head against the hard stone most grievously, and the Dolorosa made great moan and the best-beloved Disciple howled most piteously.

The guards stripped his body and threw the clothing at the Disciple, who cradled the tatters in her hands as if they were treasures, but kept her eyes on the body of the Sufferer, who trailed his bright blood over the stones as the body was taken away to be incinerated. The guards taunted her, but she did not react.

And I saw them drag the Disciple away, and she stood small but straight, and though they forced her to her knees, her head was unbowed. The E%ecutor took aim, and pulled back on his bow, with her in his sights, but so moved was he with pity for the little greenblooded Disciple that he bellowed at her to flee from the Hall of Justice, and though she hesitated, she soon ran through the bellowing crowds of trolls, absconding with the Sufferer’s clothing, never to be seen again.

And while the crowd yet howled for blood, I saw the Dolorosa, her eyes empty and sad, clapped in slave-chains, sold, it is said, to a pir8, to meet her sad end a short time later.

And I saw the Psiioniic, his great powers subdued and harnessed, led off to be the Helmsman of the Condescension’s flagship. It is said that he hangs there still.

But that day, I thought to myself, “There is no justice on Alternia, and we have been greatly robbed.”

On that day, I decided to keep the message alive by any means necessary.

~Book of the Attestor, 134:60-79

fun and cheerful right ouo it goes backwards just like actual alternian text hehehe thank god someone made an alternian font that i could download and stick it in my microsoft word god bless them

i left blank spaces so i could draw pictures too eee can’t wait to finish this darn thing it’s gonna look so cool


first michael loses daniel, then his passport and the next thing he’s going to lose is his hair