Critique #1: Best Work Ever

I didn’t get a chance to do this in class, becuase my Dr’s appointment went a bit long… but I might as well get to document it here to start off the blog. Last year was a great “art” year for me. My best work must be the Unicorno custom that I made for the Toki Doki contest. I’ve customized a few toys before but I never entered them into contests. I won second place out of… a hundred-something or so? The prize was pretty awesome, but the best part was that I got the opportunity to make more and sell them for A LOT of money. We do amazing things all the time, but as “artists” I am sure it feels like passion pays off when our work is recgonized and appreicated by many. This was a very time consuming project. The inspiration was a teacup. I made thousands of clay flowers and glued them on myself. My favorite part was learning a spraypaint and ink technique on accident. It’s so awesome to do something that turns out right accidently for the first time. Why is this the best work last year? Because this piece reminded me that I should never underestimate the value of my hard work.

More pictures on the Tokidoki facebook and my instagram @oooway