It’s been a long 8 days since discharge! Moved house (with some awesome excellent amazing chilled friends), tore my Achilles’ tendon while moving house and I’m back to uni next week. Stress! I’m coping very well though, especially since the day I was discharged I was able to get a spot straight away in the Dialectical Behavioural Therapy skills course.

The course is essentially 3 hours once a week for 12 weeks and it teaches us skills to use when our emotions are so intolerable that we use unhelpful coping strategies. Most of the issues the girls in my group are facing are self harm, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, aggressive outbursts, emotional outbursts, anxiety/panic and disordered eating. The program is a closed group of 8 females aged between 18-25. Each week we have to complete a diary card for each day outlining our urges, how strong the emotion is, if we used a DBT skill, if the skill worked and if we achieved our desired goal. I think it’s much better than just journaling because I can actually see how up and down I am and the last thing I write is goal orientated rather than just a rant about my day. We also learn a new mindfulness/meditation technique each session and I like that the therapists understand that the same thing doesn’t work for each person. It’s very much about problem solving instead of psychoanalysis and pathology. Finally, a therapy that might actually do me a world of good!

In terms of uni, I’m doing 2 lit units - ‘Australian Literature and Film’ and ‘Great Books Past and Present’ as well as an ISC on ‘The Marxist Dialectic in Literature and Theatre’. Very excited and also relieved that I’m not involved in any productions or production units (so far) so hopefully I won’t burn out again!

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