Okay, good you use the same mixing stuff as me. GIVE MEH DEM. iwouldliketoduetwithyouisallorz. Anyway, in the ‘effects’ I suggest you click and go down to an option called “Equalization”, select whatever voice sample you have and you can tinker with which one you’d like to use, I use the “Bass Cut” curve. You can even edit the curves if you want. Anyway, until you think it sounds alright, then your mic will sound a little better. Also, if you find your mic is echo-y, try singing either away from a wall with another room next to it or a smaller room. Reduces revurrb. :3 I hope this helps, I could always send you over to teamconcrit on Tumblr. ^^ 

abetterclaim asked:

"The son of the first son, is further in the line of succession, than the second son."

❝If you are trying to insinuate something, 
        It would be best if you said it outright.
        You would not want me to misconstrue, 
for then I might begin to get angry.

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What if I told you that it's not "what will you be for Halloween"; it's "what will you soon become on the month of Halloween"?

“I… I don’t get it, Greyface.  Are you insinuating that some sort of transformation occurs within the month?  Or that there’s aftermath effects of the fall equinox?  Enlighten me, please.”

nitensalis replied to your post “Serious question I’ve wondered about, did the updated novels sort out…”

oooohohohoho reach continuity…… a favorite rant topic ;))))))

I remember the interim period between Reach and 4… Just two whole years of uproar over Reach’s continuity errors in the community, they were dark days!

Thankfully, 343 stepped in around November 2011 when Halo Anniversary was coming out and smoothed some of the details over a bit with the Data Drops.