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Top ships of 2014 ???


1. KORRASAMI OMG (korra and asami)



2. KATHNIEL AYEEEE (daniel padilla and kathryn bernardo)

LIKE LOOK AT THESE TWO OMFG I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR NEXT TELESERYE OMFGGGGG i cant believe this show ended in march omfg it felt like a long time ago wtf is this shit

3. OOH OOH SOOWON (siwon and sooyoung )

like awww so cute omg look at the height difference im gunna fucking sob

4. oooohh baekyeon (baekhyun and taeyeon)

y’all can sue me i ship it

5. KHUNFANY BITCHES (nichkhun and tiffany)

damn right ahaha

ask me my top 5 anything of 2014

"Give me love like never before"

Haru loves Makoto so much for helping him in the water that sometimes he feels like a burden to him so he apologizes, but Makoto assures him that he doesn’t need to say or feel sorry because it makes him happy. Prompting Makoto to say that he loves it when he sees Haru swim and be happy in the water, and in the heat of the moment, Haru says he loves Makoto.

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AU MEME:  Gosh in highschool; Josh, Captain of the school’s football (Soccer) team, is at the height of his Senior year popularity. George, the school’s frequently bullied loner, is just trying to get through his Junior year. They end up being partnered up for an English assignment, and agree to meet up after Josh’s practices until they were finished. As the two spend more and more time together, George admits that Josh may be the only person in their high school that had ever acted kind to him. As Josh begins to see the flaws in George’s school life, inflicted by his own crowd, he finds himself beginning to stand up for George; Even at the cost of his own friends. George is surprised to see Josh standing up for him, and Josh begins to protect George. As their friendship grew, a relationship eventually sparked.

"Now that we’re finished, you wanna just hang out tomorrow after practice?"
”..Hang out? You mean like, outside of school?”
"Yeah, friends hang out. Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Sorry—You’re just.. I think you’re the only friend I’ve actually made this year."

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(Loosely inspired by Rachel’s post)


Orphan Black 2.08 || Variable and Full of Perturbation

So that the spirit of man (according as it is meted out to different individuals) is in fact a thing variable & full of perturbation, & governed as it were by chance.