Mostly these are people from the tumblr RP. Actually, all but maybe two. But generally people who I see creeping through my posts and junk. Or people whose posts I creep through. I feel like I forgot a lot of people, which is why I don’t usually do these. But since I was feeling the love today I figured I would share. Sorry if I spelled your username wrong. Also I made the links to their tumblrs look like a giant cuss word. Rejoice.

  • NIKKI - - says:
  • *as justification
  • *personally
  • *i'm offended they deindianed rajish.
  • jesse says:
  • *O
  • *M
  • *G
  • *I just laughed.
  • *I'm sorry.
  • NIKKI - - says:
  • *people who like kurt
  • *must be hinduphobes
  • jesse says:
  • *Oh my god I love you.
  • NIKKI - - says:
  • *and i mean
  • *come on
  • *they are passing up the perfect story line to have an awkward indian accent
  • *figgins doesnt count
  • *if in season three kurt doesnt reveal himself as an indian called rajish i will convert to Buddhism,