OOO & Fourze: Movie War Mega Max

Crossover movie time, crossover movie tiiime! Man, it’s been forever since I saw the Fourze babbies. <3 Of course, having to go back with Fourze to the early-season before Ryusei showed up is a liiiittle bit awkward, and we seem to have picked up some rather random hangers-on, but overall — wait, that’s what the next section is for!

OVERALL: Aaaaand now OOO feels complete. Seriously, OOO’s section of this movie is so good, you guys. I love this. I love Ankh and I love Eiji and everybody and y’know what the OOO-section movie Rider’s adorable too. Everyone’s adorable here. Let’s keep them.
   Meanwhile, on the Fourze section of things — ahahaha wow okay Fourze, you’re reaaaally trying to push something here that I am in no way buying. Other than that, though, it’s pretty fun I guess? Just not as fun as the OOO bit. (I’m sensing a pattern with these crossover movies. BUT WILL IT HOLD? We shall see…)
   And then everything crashes together and it’s all enjoyable, albeit as mentioned we’ve got some random guest stars here (though they seem cute cool enough so I guess I can’t be angry at them) (I GUESS). Another quality jaunt into Toku funtimes!


Remember, kids, gambling is fun!
So let’s flip coins, ‘cause IT’S SPACE TIIIIIME~!

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ooo // karen o

don’t tell me that they’re all the same
'cause even the sound of his name
carries me over their reach
back to some golden beach
where only he remains