It’s pretty nerve wrecking to participate in a DIY gift exchange when you’ve got such talented and creative friends, but everyone did a phenomenal job! To sum us up, we like Disney, dinosaurs, and nudity! The nudity globes were for @misskika and @oonaraoo!! Thanks to @locketship for hosting another fun holiday party! She cooked us an amazing Italian dinner! And yeah she made the Scuba Rex from Toy Story…of course. #disney #snowglobes #dinosaurs #sonnyangel #animeboobs

To my #TsumTsum (I call them #HappyBallFriends) obsessed friends, check out the adorbs Tsum Tsum Macarons I found @puffectbakerycafe!! Tooo cute!!! (cc: @stephieebeast @twinkiechan @messypink @chrissasparkles @misskika @oonaraoo @japanla @the_loveless @aliendoll) #BallFriends by onchmovement http://ift.tt/1zegTdJ