141023 KTR:

* Speaking of Haru’s father ,Tablo *

Wook: Once Eunhyuk came into a store and people recognized him as Tablo.

They acts like: “oohh it’s Haru’s Dad” and Eunhyuk just said: “ah, yes”

Eunkwang: Ryeowook looks like Hyunbin
Wook: let’s not talk about it,I am just Hyun Bin’s fan ..(c)

anonymous said:

like Sylph of Rage or smth lol


i honestly ‘unno lmao. i took the test before and I got Rogue of Doom

Becca Watches American Horror Story: Freakshow

Episode 3: 

  • 10/10 would go to this museum.
  • Oh Emma, grl. That hair.
  • Who TF is this guy? 
  • Oh he sewed animals together. 
  • Dr. Montgomery connection????
  • Oh man. This guy is gonna kill the Monsters. 
  • Oh this episode is sponsored by The Kraken.
  • That’s my favorite rum!
  • I should have some.
  • Neh. I don’t really want any.
  • SOME WINE, though!!!
  • Oh never mind…show is back on.
  • It’s halloween! 
  • Why can’t witches have babies?
  • Because Wizards have Hollow-Weenies.
  • AH!
  • AH-HA!
  • Hollow
  • Weenies.
  • Okay anyway….
  • Oh hai, Twisty!
  • She finds clowns delightful.
  • Yeah. We’ll see.
  • Ethel! What are you doing out?
  • Oohh. All that drinking has caught up with her.
  • "I believe Hope is a strong medicine."
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • 6 months to a year?? :[
  • Ethel :[ :[ </3
  • What’s Jimmy gonna do without his mommy?
  • :„„,[
  • Ethellllll….
  • That poor, sweet soul.
  • Bobbing for apples is literally the most disgusting fucking “game.”
  • Aw. He was digging a grave for Meep.
  • MEEP </3
  • AHHH!!!
  • I’m excited. 
  • I knew my hours of Wiki-ing Freakshow performers would come in handy.
  • Some of this was a bit sensationalized. 
  • Oh Jesus….Dandy’s motherfucking mom.
  • What has Patti LaBelle’s life come to? I hope her role becomes more important. 
  • Oh he is not happy.
  • Oh something tells me she’s gon’ die. Soon.
  • They’re burying Meep. :[ I’m so sad.
  • Ma Petit can’t have any alcohol. Her teeny tiny self would be drunk even if she smelled it.
  • She ain’t no Got-Damn fortune teller! She’s a damn fake!
  • Wine time!!
  • Nom nom Mango Strawberry Moscato.
  • I’m off topic here, but I’m 100% done with these Rob Lowe Direct TV commercials.
  • Bette’s having a nightmare.
  • Though, Dot is quite a bitch.
  • I’m interested in seeing how this “I hate my conjoined twin and want her to die” thing is gonna go.
  • No matter how they would be separated, Dot would still look freaky as fuck..
  • OH hi, Elsa!!!
  • I mean…one could argue that ALL “mediums” are fake…
  • She has Elsa right by the emotions.
  • Fucking Dell Toledo. Can you die already?
  • Oh he’s getting handsy.
  • Oh has he had problems getting it up for a long time?
  • He seems to have a thing with women who have “manly” features.
  • Oh NOW he wants to act like he’s sad about not being a father?
  • Awww. Jimmy wanted to be a soldier.
  • Not with those hands, my friend. 
  • OH fuck. Here’s Dandy again.
  • If my adult son acted like that, there wouldn’t be any damn knives laying around.
  • Patti is about to meet her end.
  • Oh. Never mind. She’s far too sassy.
  • She knows all of Dandy’s weaknesses. 
  • "The freaks. They’re everywhere!" At the freakshow? You don’t say.
  • Oooohhhh. Dot just called “Esmeralda” a whore. Burn.
  • Oh this man is a homosapien.
  • I mean sexual.
  • Homosexual.
  • Jimmy, shut the fuck up. His mouth is gonna get everyone in trouble.
  • "Take…….off……my…….pants."
  • Okay why did you say it like that?
  • Oh. Does he have a big pee pee?
  • It would seem he has a large pee pee.
  • Oh there’s that woman that finds clowns “delightful.”
  • Knew she would be back.
  • Why is this 18 years old dude teasing his baby sister with candy?
  • She’s not even gonna warn him. Hot damn.
  • Twisty has a new friend.
  • They’re tempting Mordrake.
  • Dot hates Bette.
  • Dot hates Esmeralda.
  • Elsa hates Dot and Bette and vice-versa.
  • Esmeralda has to “collect” Bette and Dot.
  • So much is happening. 
  • Oh Elsa is blessing us with another performance.
  • I wonder if the Monsters know she ain’t got no legs….
  • (lieutenant dan)
  • There he is!
  • She’s living like Jim Morrison.
  • In 1952.
  • He was 9 years old in 1952.
  • I don’t like how the songs dont fit with the time period.
  • It bothers me.
  • Hi, Mordrake. 
  • The Darlings have the sweetest caravan.
  • Oh my. Who is that?
  • Ohhh nooooo. Don’t take Ethel :[
  • Take Dell.
  • No one will miss him.
  • But it won’t happen. It’s too early. There’s too many people left for him to hurt.
  • Oh my. Live freak birth.
  • Two bits to hold the “monster baby.”
  • So Dell has always been absolutely horrible.
  • He’s not going to take her. <3 <3 Yessss.
  • So the people with him are the people he’s taken. Okay.
  • God there’s fuckin’ Dandy. Ugh.
  • To Be Continued….
  • of.
  • fucking.
  • course.