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"R-r-rRaGS? O-oO-oOhH m-mMY g-gOg-GoD, R-rRA-gS? A-a-A-aRe y-oU-yOU i-n-in here?"

She walks over to him quietly, “Oh my! They certainly did a number on you.. Puppet told me you insulted me again…” Her voice took on a growl as she continued on from ‘insulted’.

She reaches down and grabs him by the bow tie, “Oh.. Such a mess.. Hmm.. What do we have to clean you with?” She hoists him up, “Ahhh! This will be perfect!” He hears the sloshing of a large bottle, “Let’s see how this bleach will work for you, hm?” 

Before he realizes it he feels that hefty feeling chords have been snaked around him and he’s been lifted to hang in the air. If he could move, her certainly can’t now.

Ontae brothers: Brand New Used Car

Part 2 of this fic aka the one where ontae get a lame summer job so they can buy a car

"Shit, Taem, come look at this one!" Jinki calls his brother over to look at the car he brought up on the computer, "This Ford Escape is only 7,500 dollars! We’d still have, like, a thousand dollars left if we got this!"

"Dad’ll just give us enough to buy that car, then." Taemin tells him, "But it does look cool. Oohh, it’s grey! It’s perfect!"

"It’ll be all ours." Jinki grins, his voice airy and dreamy, "Well, mine, until you get your license."

"Hey, I worked for half of our money; it’s half mine!" Taemin argues.

"You don’t even have your permit yet!" Jinki retorts, and the two of them start yelling so loud their mother has to come tell them to knock it off, or they won’t get a car at all.

"School starts in a week; we’re telling dad we need to go get it, like, now." Taemin tells Jinki, and he stares dreamily at the picture of the car in front of them.

"I’ll tell him when he gets home." Jinki agrees, and the two continue to stare at the computer until they hear the front door open.

"Dad! Dad, dad, dad!" Jinki calls out as he runs down the stairs, "Dad!"

"What, Jinki?" Their father laughs when the two brothers come running up to him.

"We found the car we want." Jinki tells him, "We need to get it now."

"Show me after dinner, and then we’ll go tomorrow." Their father tells them, and the two high five before their mother asks them to set the table.

The next day, after hours spent in a used car dealership, Jinki is driving himself and Taemin to their friend Jonghyun’s house to brag about their new car.

"It looks like a piece of junk." Jonghyun tells them, laughing.

"Fuck you! It’s our piece of junk!" Taemin argues, but Jinki puts a hand on his brother’s shoulder to calm him down.

"It’s got more bells and whistles than your basic little Honda, so suck it." Jinki grins, spinning the keys on his finger.

"Yeah? Well my basic little Honda is brand new, your beat up old Ford is what? The same age as Taemin?" Jonghyun smirks, crossing his arms.

"It’s ten, and it’s beautiful, so either take us inside to play Smash Bros, or we’ll take our new car and our new video game back home." Taemin warns, holding up the video game they got a couple weeks ago.

Jonghyun caves and takes them inside, and the two brothers show up the first day of school very happy in their ten year old new car.