Late Night Rants

Been feeling quite grouchy (particularly bothered by something) and this one thing that pissed me off maximum and I swear even if I weren’t so touchy recently I would’ve still feel just as pissed. 

People pretending not to see you after you said Hi to them PERSONALLY. 

Dude/Girl ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? One day (night), boyfriend and I were on our way home. So, he bumped into his old-schoolmate at the bus stop and casually said hi. IMMEDIATELY, ok, let me just emphasize, IMMEDIATELY both of them smiled as though they were forced to and then stared blankly at the fucking road. GIRL R U SRS? R U SRS ABT DAT? Not as if he was a stranger and he was trying to pick up some chicks (ugly chicks, inside & outside. You 2 btw lol.). OK CAN. 

Then I totally remembered, few years back and recently, I bumped into some old friends. And of course, why can’t I say Hi right? We talked before, we know each other, we are friends, or we are acquainted AT LEAST. WHY DO YOU HAVE DO IGNORE ME? Hey, why aren’t people saying hi back? It’s basic courtesy! BASIC. 

If someone is going to reply me back or send me a message saying “why can’t we ignore" gurl let me tell you i don’t care who you are or where you are from, I WILL FUCKING TEACH YOU MANNERS AND COURTESY PERSONALLY. You can’t just PRETEND TO IGNORE AFTER SOMEONE BLATANTLY SAID HEY TO YOU OK, YOU JUST DON’T. YOU SIMPLY DON’T. 

Even if, in the worst case scenario, you really forgotten who that person is, just casually smile. Because you, at least, acknowledge the person right in front of you.

So. For all of you who ignored, here’s two little special middle finger from me to you.