lvxiuwendono asked:

Also, I have a personal question. Where do you think "personal preferences" end and "hypocrysy" starts? I have been accused of the second lately. Is it hypocrysy when I complain that "nothing happens in Yuuki Yuuna" but like "Boueibu" despite that? Is it hypocritical to bash "Cross Ange" for excessive fanservice, but say nothing on the same matter in "Boueibu"? To give up on "Love Stage!" for a scene of attempted rape, but continue watching "Mawaru Pinguindrum" after a similar scene?

Oof, now there’s a question for ya. The answer is complicated, and plenty of others have already weighed in with lots of eloquent words (such as here and here), but I’ll go ahead and take a stab at it, too. In the interest of not writing an essay I’ll be simplifying a bit, so please bear with me, and anyone reading is welcome to (politely) expand, question, or correct in the comments.

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