• Happy New Years for Everyone!!! Super Smash Bros artworks.

Artists: 結乃 (x), hakkai (x), わさび (x), A-Z@Tamamon (x), コスモス (x), りゅん@LIN (x), みんと (x) on Pixiv.

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11 have arrived at the city







Nutty looked at the newcomers in slight confusion for a few seconds. It’d been so long since someone new at come to Happy Tree that he almost forget there were other people in the world aside for the residents here. Of course this thought was tossed out like trash when his eyes, one more so than the other, landed on a vending machine a few feet away. The second he saw it, his grin got larger and started bouncing slightly. Rather than greet the newcomer to the city, he ran over and began scratching at the vending machine, knowing he didn’t have any money right now.

"Look, I haven’t even committed a crime yet. Can you at least wait until I do so, not that I was planning on doing so, until you decide to stalk me? I mean, not that I would mind getting taken down by Spider Woman, but I’ve already survived an encounter with Ares today, and I’m not looking to get your proverbial axe in my skull, yeah?"