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[11:27:23 PM] Angie: Rule 63 AU where everything is the same but Splinter is still Ratdad
[11:27:44 PM] Lea-nardo: oh goooosh xD
[11:28:06 PM] Lea-nardo: Katsumi’s got Daddy issues
[11:28:21 PM] Angie: Splinter being very overbearing at first about August
[11:28:49 PM] Lea-nardo: Being a bit more concerned about Donna’s crush
[11:28:54 PM] Angie: exactly
[11:28:58 PM] Angie: Doing “The Dad” thing
[11:29:20 PM] Lea-nardo: He’s polishing katana when August first comes to visit
[11:29:28 PM] Lea-nardo: in plain sight
[11:29:33 PM] Angie: FFT
[11:29:41 PM] Angie: “So, you wish to be friends with my daughters”
[11:29:51 PM] Angie: “And just friends.”
[11:29:55 PM] Angie: “Nothing more.”
[11:30:10 PM] Lea-nardo: hee
[11:30:12 PM] Angie: Dramatic reflecting on katana
[11:30:29 PM] Lea-nardo: XD
[11:30:31 PM] Lea-nardo: perfect
[11:30:41 PM] Angie: SHIIIING
[11:30:46 PM] Lea-nardo: shiiiing~ 8D
[11:31:59 PM] Angie: But later on because on finding out August doesn’t know his dad
[11:32:11 PM] Angie: Splinter takes that adoptive father-son relationship very seriously
[11:33:37 PM] Angie: Friendship between Splinter and Mrs. O'Neil being super close
[11:33:48 PM] Angie: Mrs. O'Neil being okay with playing mom for the girls
[11:33:56 PM] Lea-nardo: sflsjjkgjfs
[11:34:38 PM] Lea-nardo: Mrs. O'Neil making the girls feel pretty
[11:34:49 PM] Lea-nardo: no offense to Splinter, but he doesn’t know how to do it right XD
[11:35:47 PM] Lea-nardo: EEEE
[11:36:22 PM] Angie: I’m so tempted to post this convo on tumblr it’s not funny
[11:36:30 PM] Lea-nardo: do eet
[11:36:54 PM] Angie: GIRLY THINGS

The real reason Ganondorf decided to attempt world domination in WW
  • Ganny Mun:
  • Ganondorf is probably watching this like
  • omg what are they doing
  • did they really just fire a barrel over here ugh
  • ‎now I gotta get that mess cleaned up
  • damn kids
  • Din Mun:
  • i hope so i hope he just stood there with coffee going 'what'
  • Ganny mun:
  • ‎ohyeah
  • he was enjoying his midnight coffee
  • and was like
  • what is this shit
  • im sick of these pirates
  • I am trying to live my retired life in peace
  • you know what
  • fine
  • you want to play that game
  • i'm going to try and take over the world again
  • you damn kids done did it
  • and when I get the triforce you know what I'm gonna wish for
  • wait for it
  • no pirates
  • no
  • damn
  • pirates
  • ‎#oldmanganny
  • Din mun:
  • ‎ omg
  • Ganny mun:
  • ‎the real reason Ganondorf started his shit again in WW
Timeline issues (ah ah ah yes)

Jeanne being ten doesn’t even make sense, though. (neither does Nichrom, but I’m less knowledgeable).
She can walk and she lived alone on the streets when we see the one past-clearing panel in the vol 26-ish. So she must have been at LEAST five (and even then…). Which, if we go by the 1990 date, means she has but five years to:
- grow attached to Marco and Luchist enough for a) be convinced she wants to become the Iron Maiden (6 months/1 year) b) stay with marco at all costs, (long time process, the full 5 years) c) Luc being sure she would be unable to face him even though he’s weaker (so Luchist himself who left in 1996 had but a year to grow reaaal close to her)
- go from A LITTLE furyoku to 500K points. which means about 100K a year, while at first she probably couldn’t stay long in the Maiden since it goddarn HURTS A LOT. 
- grow from street urchin to very well mannered, crybaby-like princess (long time process, full 5 years and more) AND one who believes she’s a saint
- be so grown up as to accept whatever Marco throws at her (so she’d say ‘i already knew’ when he revealed that he’d lied).
Out of all these things, it’s the Luchist business that bothers me the most. They got her past toddler stage (so at least four/five) which is WAY TOO EARLY for a baby to accept to lock herself in a torture device. So if she were born in 1990 at least for six months they had to grow close to her, to tend to her probable issues (hunger, cold, brittle body, probably foul mouth and broken mind - luchist said something akin to 'no personality’ -) and convince her already to get into the Maiden, and to grow to trust and love those two men - all of this under a yEAR since Hao got Luchist in 1996. 
So yeah, that’s why I go by the calendar I found I don’t exactly remember where, the Jj I will always speak of is born in 1988, she’s 11-13 in the 99-2001 timeline.