This is my little split routine, that I learned while studying movement and circus in New York. It’s a lovely little sequenze, that really works your psoas, hips and hamstrings. It is also designed so that every second pose either targets the hamstrings of the front leg or the opening of the hip of the back leg. That means you can find a wonderful “rocking” flow when doing these poses after each other in the displayed order. 

I am not going to explain every single pose. If you are practicing your splits you should be familiar with the preparation poses - please ask your yoga teacher to guide you into these before venturing into splits. 

When you do venture into this fabulous pose there’s a couple of things that can help you get a long way, before that wonderful feel of “crutch on mat magic” happens :)
 - First of all; WARM UP! I would recommend at least five sun salutations and then some forward bends, pigeon poses and backbends to get you good and warm.  
- Secondly; focus on alignment rather than getting deeper. You hip is a socket joint and it will open backwards, given time, but it can only go so far when pushed to the side (also known as a jazz split). This is however quite hard on the joint, so point your hips and shoulders forwards! I cannot stress this enough, because if you wanna do splits up to your 50’s - you gotta do them like this!
- Thirdly; practice regularly! Splits are a radical and advanced pose and you’ll often find the last 5-10 cm ghastly to get down. They will come though, don’t push yourself to injury. Listen to your body - it knows best, so communicate with each other. Also abstain from doing over splits before you are down completely - these can be quite hard on the knees.
- Lastly; DO BOTH LEGS! Believe me, I KNOW how good it feel to sink down on your “good side” and how big the struggle is afterwards to go through the whole drill on your other side afterwards. This will however affect your body big time (believe me) and having a dynamic body and practice, means working both sides. 

Have fun, smile, cry, laugh, whine, but most importantly: BREATHE!!! 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments or visit mimiyoga for more posts. 

Lots of love and light

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