thewrongshoes said: I live in Toronto Canada and I’m not actually sure I have a favourite food. :S

Helloooo!! How do you not have a favorite food?!?! You gotta at least be leaning toward one, right?

harrythighles said: california!

catie idk why but for some reason i had it in my head that you live in Maine jesus christ you’re so far away from here 

outintheglow said: I’m from Italy and my fave food is pasta and meatballs, of course! ;D

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s your favorite thing about living in Italy? If you had to pick one thing

st0nehenge said: Seattle area!

Is it as pretty there as people say it is? I’ve never been to the west coast before >:|

zenmalyk said: i’m from canada and my favourite food is poutine :)

i just spent a decent amount of time researching poutine because the only thing i knew about it was that hannah hart made it when she went to canada and did an episode of ‘my drunk kitchen’ and i figured i shouldn’t leave it at that. it looks like the best comfort food in the world omg

onyourredplanet said: I’m from Tennessee and you didn’t ask me what my favorite food is but it’s potatoes.

Idk why but for some reason i assumed that you would live in the New England area. do you have an accent because you do in my head now and it’s the cutest. i feel a deep connection between us tonight, because potatoes are my favorite food ITEM but not my favorite food. there is almost NOTHING that doesn’t go with potatoes mmmmm

c0rkscrew said: canada & GRILLLLED CHEEEESE mmmmm :’)

so many canadians HELLOOOOOO!!!! Grilled cheese with lettuce tomato and bacon AND A CUP OF TOMATO SOUP ON THE SIDE, excellent choice 

This is a reminder that I have a message saved from Jenna onyourredplanet from the time that “Louis just doesn’t do it for me” and i just found it and I am smiling like a goon because now she sees the light

This is a pointless post i really don’t want to be at work someone help me

harroldinmypants said: My favorite flowers are pink tiger lilies and i don’t know why i’m replying

!!! My mom used to plant those all over my back yard and i’d always grab the pollen things off and draw on myself with them 

onyourredplanet said: mine is a camellia!

yo the light pink ones with the yellow in the middle are bomb

sinisterlava said: my favorite flowers are tulips!! now we know something more about each other!

i’m sure you’ve heard about the tulip festival in holland but if not you should google it because they go absolutely balls to the wall for tulips

you are all adorable i love it

blankspacesbetweenus asked:

4, 5, and 22 from that thing! <3

4. The best thing that happened to me this week….I was with my friends in NYC for two days and we went to this BYOB indian place and got drunk off eight $2 bottles of wine from trader joes and walked to one of my friend’s friends apartments for a housewarming party, and i made a bunch of people fall in love with me and then left without giving anyone my number, which was the best part because i ALWAYS give someone my number and end up hating myself for it 

5. Weird things I do when I’m alone: I laugh. And I’m not saying that I laugh at nothing, but I laugh a lot out loud, and I’m REALLY loud about it. I can’t control it, it just happens, and I talk to myself out loud a lot too. Not full sentences, just words that are blurted out loudly and I wave my hands around asking questions to nobody. and when i’m alone and trying to relieve stress I lay in the middle of my bed and literally flop all over the place like a fish out of water until i’m too tired to move. it helps because i can beat myself into the mattress and everything feels so much lighter after. 

22.I WOULD KILL TO BE RIHANNA FOR A DAY. She’s so incredibly powerful and that calls to me because I’ve never really felt powerful. In my mind, I’m a powerful person but in reality I feel weak and I struggle with wanting to be this “fuck you, i’m a goddess and i don’t give a shit if you look my way or not” kind of chick and I’d love to see if maybe by being her for one day, I could learn to be that way in my own skin.

onyourredplanet replied to your postremember that time that niall smoked a cigarette…

I was sad about that too :[ he got so shamed for it on twitter.

onyourredplanet replied to your postremember that time that niall smoked a cigarette…

the fans think they own him/the rest of the band and are outraged when they don’t live by their ideals

i mean i get it, they care about him plus kids are taught *rightfully so* that cigarettes are horrible for you from the instant they’re old enough to enter public school and most of the girls tweeting him were probably too young to understand the draw of a cigarette when you’re drunk even if you’re not a smoker so i spent the whole day biting my tongue and squirming because lbr he looked so goooooood

onyourredplanet said: omg please michelle I’ll be your pizza prince. let’s get high and eat junk food. <3

complete with movie fort in my bed with body pillows and those fleece blankets from target’s dorm room section

the more i think about this the more i like it