Glitchless days|Prologue|Mission Impossible



"Hewwo everybunny: Welcome to your new home!”

Wait, what? New home? Talking rabbit? You give the bunny a strange look before looking at your other classmates. Just what was the meaning of this? Just as the chatter reaches a loud volume again, the rabbit speaks over everyone with a very excited look on her face.


“Well, not your permanent home! You’ll onwy be here until you finish helping us. It’s something that only someone as talented as all of you can achieve!”

She seems especially excited upon mentioning this. In some parts of the room, you hear some sighs of relief. So they wouldn’t live here forever or anything weird like that. Wherever here was. The rabbit had yet to explain anything, so the student stood there, waiting for more information. She did seem to be the only being who knew what was going on, after all.


“I am Magical Miwacle girl Usami! I’m here to help you fulfill your mission, as your game instructor!”

She twirls around a magical girl wand in one of her paws as she smiles up at each and every student. She seemed so proud of such an exciting and fun task. And why wouldn’t she be? She had so many interesting students to help fulfill this ‘mission’, whatever it was.


“But, I bet you’re cuwious as to what that mission is! I’m sowwy for keeping you all in the dark for so long. You must have been so confused!”

anonymous said:

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