My Favorite Film

"On the Waterfront"  - 1954 


There’s not a whole lot to say about this, except for the fact that Marlon Brando is my favorite actor and Elia Kazan is one of my favorite directors. #nbd This movie is just brilliant. It was always one of my father’s favorite films and after I watched it on TCM one day, it became my favorite right away. As always, Brando stuns onscreen and supporting actors Karl Malden and Eva Marie Saint are amazing as well. It is a black and white film, which means it can be very hard to get my other friends to watch it but I always promise them they will not be disappointed. I actually like black and white films a lot (and I’m not trying to be that artsy person who pretends they like old movies soooo much and just hate films that were made after 1955) because they make you pay attention to the dialogue and the emotions of the characters far more than you would if there was a lot of visual effects going on. Once again, while trying not to be that kind of person who constantly talks about the downfall of the movie industry today, it has slowly become a competition of all the special affects a movie can have, which tends to detract from the actual character journey throughout the movie. There is an intimacy of black and white films, and “On the Waterfront” is no exception. The emotions run so strong in this film that you easily feel like you’re becoming part of the story yourself. The ULTIMATE movie.