"Do we have a Davesprite? Davesprite? No?"


"…I guess we could pretend to be Davesprite”

and from then on the Daves ran around flapping their little chicken wings and making ridiculous faces

Dave: nathaylee, tsund-erin, science-of-time-and-saltzexionienzo, daves-closet

Jade: night-oowl, …?

John:  ryo-tan, biggerdamnhero, goshdiddleydarnit, …?

message me if you know who the other cosplayers were!



Enjoy this guys! And again sorry for how shaky it is nwn;;;

hey guys! my friends and I are running a Promstuck event in Toronto, ON for this year! we have experience running events and really enjoyed last year, so we want to make it as fun and friendly as we can!

it will be a potluck + it will have a theme to it, so i encourage you to check out our facebook page and spread the word!!

Howdy folks! Sorry to do this but i figured one last call for photos taken of me and my paramour as dirk and jake would be okay!

We were at anime north on friday and saturday. We were dirk and jake both days. On saturday we had their gas masks and i KNOW oodles of people took our photo but i have been fruitless in finding any!

(Photo taken by linkman799.tumblr.com)

Any photos would be appreciated! Either submit them to me or message me to link me to them if you have already posted any!

Thank you so much for your time.

Toronto Can Town Project

I’m going to do this via submit since it’s easier.

I’m not the organizer, but I saw the ask of someone wondering about meet ups and this is a cool project happening on March 8th in Toronto.

The concept is a space is being rented out, and people will gather in cosplay with canned goods (non-perishable of course). Then we will build a can town.

Once that is done the cans will be donated to a local food bank.

Facebook Group

Event Page

It’s a very cool project and it should be a fun day. If people are in the area/can be it’s something worth going to.

(And hopefully it can become an annual thing)