Hinge House in Toronto, Ontario - Williamson Chong

Hinge House is defined by a 65’ long opaque library wall that serves as a sectional “hinge” by which the public and private programmatic elements of the house are connected. The library wall and primary circulation route into the house follow the slope of the landscape descending towards the ravine. The resulting scissor-like section presents a compact front façade that trifurcates into distinct volumes and windows on the back-side of the house facing the ravine.

The dining room and kitchen are located on the lowest levels while the living room is perched on top. In between these volumes are the interstitial areas constituting the library, study, studio, guest bedrooms and master bedroom. A conversation nook sits below the atrium surrounded by centrifugal stairs with a skylight above.

The house is located on a prominent corner site overlooking a ravine in downtown Toronto. Given the predominance of vehicular traffic and incumbent noise of the site, the house presents a protective, introverted face to the street and an open, extroverted face to the ravine.

Things that make Canada better than every other nation:
  1. Canadian Tire
  2. Marriage equality
  3. Our 5 kg Loonies
  4. Tim Ho-tron, a caffeinated robot who treks across the country (he completes approximately one tour every 2.2 years) giving hugs to patriotic Canadians
  5. The elves of Newfoundland
  6. Our anti-bubblegum legislation
  7. Good ol’ fashioned Kapuskasing turnhips
  8. Norm Kelly, beloved accidental mayor
  9. The mole people of Lower Saskatchewan
  10. Hazel McCallion’s Wonderland, located next door to the Vaughan Mills Mall which was recently declared its own, self-governing city
  11. My cat, Benny
  12. The majestic Canadian lynx, said to be able to devour a grizzly bear with a single detachment of its jaw
  13. Lloydminster, AB/SK, home of the world’s most intense and longest continuous stare-down
  14. Fully legalized cocaine-glazed Timbits
  15. Ben Mulroney’s forehead
  16. The CBC building, said to double as a bomb shelter
  17. The Margaret Atwood/Sue Johanssen Sexy Literature Power Hour on CBC Thursdays at 8
  18. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Styles’ erotic couples cooking show, on CBC Thursdays at 9
  19. Haileybury, ON, home of the famous Halle Berry lawsuit
  20. Bree’s dad’s beard, but not Bree’s dad.
Tran's Woman needs place to stay tonight in Greater Toronto Area URGENT!

HELP! I am a 21 year old transgender woman who desperately need’s a place to rent!  I am homeless right now, I have been couch surfing place to place and my fund’s & spirit’s have begun to run low. I am very plight and respectful, I have a 8 year old female black cat named Star that I will not give up, she is my best friend. I have been assaulted, & even sexual assaulted.. 
I need a place that is safe for me to stay tonight I don’t know what to do. :(



Toronto, Ontario-based artist Ruth Oosterman collaborates with her two-year-old daughter Eve to create imaginative paintings that feel as though they’ve been lifted from the pages of a fantastic series of storybooks we’re now dying to read. Here Oosterman describe their process:

As all of our collaborations start, my two year old creates her own sketch with an ink pen which I then use to turn into a watercolor painting. The sketch is completely her own with no instruction given from me, I simply use her creativity to inspire me to create a painting.

Oosterman says that she can usually either discern a picture hidden inside Eve’s sketch or her daughter will have chatted with her about what she was drawing. But sometimes there is no conteext andshe has to let her own imagination run with it.

I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it to seriously, this way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it to “grownup.”

Visit Ruth Oosterman’s blog and her YouTube channel to check out more of her wonderful collaborations with young Eve.

Prints of some of their creations are available via the Eve’s Imagination Etsy shop.

[via Bored Panda]