NEED- room for rent/roommate - Toronto, ON

my fam just told me that i need to move out by april, n i’m employed i can afford like 450 or less a month for rent. 
i have 3 rats and a full time job so if there’s any places near the subway or downtown or like close so i can get to work, 
uhh this is extremely important please message me, im a really nice person,
toronto canada is my location please let me know 
i wouldn’t be able to afford first and last at this very moment so i can give you first obviously 
this is really important,



Town & Country Saloon - London, ON

So just when I about gave up hope for cool places to hang out in London we find the T&C which is pretty much the Wellington Tavern (my mom’s bar) of London. We came here after a drunken night at Cam’s place on the farm - karaoke EVERY night, $3 full-on greasy breakfast and $6 for breakfast and a caesar on Sundays!



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[PHOTO] Mystery Find In Cereal Box Left Man Wondering ‘Do I Open The Bag?’

A man was a little more than shocked after noticing something rather peculiar with his most recent purchase. After being instructed by a message written to look inside the box, he was baffled by what he found. Initially instructed to “Please read the bag” inside the box of Frosted Flakes, Ste…

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[Watch] Crybaby Vandal Gets Dose Of Instant Justice When Caught Red-Handed

In an epic dose of instant justice, a vandal was recently left bleeding and crying after the owner of a store caught him red-handed. The best part though? It was all caught on video. The incident took place in Kensington, Ontario, where a man later released two videos and posted to his account …

"Cloud Beams"I was having trouble finding the best way to time stack this sunset timelapse, but I eventually came up with this. First I stacked 199 photos with the long streaks preset. (which is part of this script, Then I added the next 38 photos using the lighten layer-blending mode, and finally, I faded out the last 19 photos with 5% increments of the layer opacity. So in total, this is 256 photos merged into one image. It’s a less "truthful" representation of reality than the majority of my time stacks, but sometimes you’ve got to put a little extra work in to get the best results.

U of T uses electromagnets to attract girls to science

Groups of students huddle around desks at a university campus as the instructor gives out a quick overview of the job at hand: build a crane, create an electromagnet and pick up metal.

Work begins in earnest, with some of the students building their contraptions with wheels “for better transportation” while others build them for strength.

But these are not university students. They are Grades 3 and 4 students — about half of them girls — who like to spend a few hours on the weekend building stuff and learning about science.

“I’ve been building stuff a long time,” says 8-year-old Yashu Tenneti. “In our school, we’re building bridges out of Popsicle sticks.”

Does she want to be an engineer or scientist when she grows up?
“I don’t know. I want to be many things,” she says.

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