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#ONOLA Occupy The Shrine - Occupy NOLA Info Near Jazz Fest

Occupy The Shrine occupies Jazz Fest!


Located near the entrance of The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (which is sponsored by Shell Oil), the area formerly known as The International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi is now decorated in the spirit of the 99% Occupy Movement.


The curator of the shrine is one of the 99% who works two jobs and was unable to make her student loan payments in 2009 and 2010. She made jewelry out of found objects and hoped to use it to supplement her income. The Bon Jovi Shrine was originally created in 2009 so people who lived near the entrance to Jazz Fest could sell handmade jewelry and art on their porches without receiving citations from the City of New Orleans for “vending without permits.”


Michelle Krupa, The Times-Picayune  reports:

City officials also plan to strictly enforce laws that bar transient vendors from operating during the festival dates — Friday through Sunday, and May 3 through 6 — inside the so-called “clean zone” around the Fair Grounds. The area is bounded by Florida Avenue, North Broad and Esplanade avenues and Bayou St. John.

In 2010, citations were issued to residents of this neighborhood who were holding “yard sales” or “art sales” during Jazz Fest. The JBJ Shrine was left alone.

The Bon Jovi Shrine offered free sunscreen, water, and Aqua Net hairspray and welcomed visitors and locals. A sign displaying the lyrics “It’s tough… so tough” was placed next to a donations jar. No profit was ever made at this location, but it received media attention from The Gambit Weekly, WWOZ, Chris Rose (when he was writing for The Times Picayune) and Tyler Wing from WGNO “News with A Twist.”

On May 6 of 2011, The Bon Jovi Shrine was dismantled when the curator’s long-haired Chihuahua (Guadalupe) was run over by a driver who was speeding away from Jazz Fest.


The curator had been on the phone with the student loan company for 4 hours prior to this accident because her income tax refund had been taken by the IRS despite the fact that she was enrolled in a student loan rehabilitation program and making payments. Guadalupe was a qualified service dog under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This year, there is a new shrine devoted to Guadalupe, the best little dog who ever lived and died on Maurepas Street, down the street thanks to some kind neighbors. The 2012 Jazz Fest Shrine to Saint Clare was established in an empty phone booth on the wall of a vacant store. It was erected to spread awareness about the importance of driving carefully and soberly when leaving Jazz Fest.


The abandoned storefront where the The 2012 Jazz Fest Shrine to Saint Clare is being decorated with a mural.


Currently, The Bruce Springsteen Shrine to the Common Man stands at the corner.


Rumors of shrines devoted to other musicians are circulating in this area.

The area formerly known as the International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi is in no way related to Shell Oil, Jazz Fest, or Jon Bon Jovi. This porch is decorated to celebrate the 99% Occupy Movement. Information about Occupy The Stage and  Occupy New Orleans actions and events is available there.

KISS OUR BRASS: The unincorporated alternative to Jazz Fest  via Occupy The Stage!


May First - New Orleans, LA May Day activities Occupy New Orleans, Occupy The Stage, and other activist groups are participating in.


Here is a brief video about Occupy The Shrine.

Expect more information and propaganda related to the Occupy movement soon!


Anyone interested in the Occupy Movement and Jazz Fest can learn more about local actions on the 2900 block of Maurepas Street (home of the area formerly known as the Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi).

Follow @small_affair and @OccupyFun on Twitter for updates!


The latest from small_affair (@small_affair). Artist. Solidarity political prisoners. NOLA livestream Donate to help cover livestream/ activist materials #ONOLA

If you want to see the pictures from the National Moment of Silence against Police Brutality in New Orleans, go look at small_affair’s twitter. After a nice moment of silence at Lafayette Sq, we took to the streets, marching through the CBD and into the French Quarter.  At Jackson Sq, the crowd was addressed by Mike Brown’s cousin.  From there protesters went to the Police Station on Royal Street and occupied it while calling for police to stop racial profiling. There are many pictures on small_affair’s twitter from inside the police station as well as the march and rallies.

Tomorrow there will be another rally in New Orleans. It will be held at Duncan Plaza across from City Hall at 11 a.m.

From the archives...Unity of Purpose #Occupy NOLA

Unity of Purpose - Occupy NOLA

I found this in a Word file about something completely unrelated to Occupy that I was working on in April.

This is a statement Sheryl was working on and she felt very strongly about it. I believe she may have revised it at some point, so I don’t know if this is the final version or not. I do, however, wish to preserve it for the sake of archiving data that is significant to Occupy NOLA.

Our Unity of Purpose

1. We stand for
The Pursuit of Happiness and a Quality Life.
We are against war, as war is pursued like a game without regard to it’s heavy toll on humanity. It divides nations and destroys families. We stand for a global revolution placing people before those who choose to profit from war. We call upon all nations to unify in a pursuit of peaceful resolution through diplomacy. We call upon all people and governments of the world to oppose war and defend the sanctity of human life.

2. We stand for
Freedom of Speech, Law and Justice.
We refuse the corporate manipulation of laws to achieve devious plans for achieving profits.  We identify corporate fraud (and a general apathy by the federal government to respond to it) as the main culprits damaging the U. S. economy and our individual freedoms. We, as citizens of the U. S., mandate accountability to us by the President, the Congress and the Judicial Supreme Court. Our elected government must separate itself from the conflict of interest infecting these bodies and work to NOT be beholden to corporate money. To address this immediately, a constitutional amendment is necessary to make the Citizens United vs FEC decision void. Money is not Free Speech. Corporations are not We the People!!!

3. We stand for
Reinvesting in America.
Our economy, education and employment in America are interwoven parts to a greater whole.  We can not achieve strength by “boosting” the economy with short-sighted, short-term ideas. We must have long range strategies that develop business investing in education to fullfill necessary occupations and the government investing in education to assure an availability of diverse subjects to maintain a vibrant, and inspired population. Everyone needs education and  needs for it to be affordable and accessible! Education is the very bedrock of a strong society. Students should not be debt slaves to our nation! Student debt must be relieved and predatory lending must be stopped! Tuition must be reduced. This encourages the pursuit of happiness through a breadth of personal knowledge and employability. Labor can no longer be outsourced, without assurances that a high percentage of an American company’s jobs are maintained in America.  Our wages here must be livable wages! The people of the United States are it’s greatest resource and need to be seen as such. An investment in educating the people and keeping jobs in America will return our robust middle class to it’s rightful purchasing power.

Our country has made some effort towards sustainability but it is too slow in realizing the future is not in the direction of Big Oil. We call for a more inspired global vision to reinvesting in American small business and the national infrastructure. Smaller nations like Denmark and Germany are succeeding to achieve great advancements in sustainability while the U.S., failing to see and respond, has its economy going bust. Across America, a new smart grid infrastructure for high speed Internet, decentralized electric power (a solar revolution) as well as roads and bridges and waterworks must be implemented now! We mandate the money made in America be sent out of its coffers for the wages earned by its people. And we demand no more “money for nothing” as it has been given to banks to the detriment of all of our society except the 1%.

4.  We stand for
Civil, Dignified Treatment of All People.
No longer can this nation contribute to imperialistic endeavors. The globe is inhabited, and there is no land left to conquest.  Our nation needs to be mindful that its military and police uphold a highly professional peacekeeping service and never brutally undermine the people’s right to be heard.

What we’ve seen since the Glass Steagall Act was repealed, is the independent Federal Reserve’s distribution of money willy nilly, which allowed lenders to speculate wildly for land, houses and even educational loans which then succeeded in driving up costs for housing and tuition all across America. Now with housing foreclosed and vacated, many of our people are homeless and living in unsafe conditions. Student debt is frustrating those American’s who would traditionally infuse the economy with their purchasing power, instead they have an unfair portion of their income stolen to serve their predatory lender. What we’ve witnessed is unregulated corporate greed has no conscience. We need to move now towards putting people before profits, as it is essential this country set it’s priorities for the people. We call for all vacant housing in the governments possession be made available to previous owners in “rent to own” agreements if necessary so that the homes can be re-populated. Making housing available and affordable must be a priority for the nation. Housing the homeless is an essential first step for bringing in and being able to medically treat our most vulnerable and disenfranchised citizens. There are people out of work because they’re homeless and one can not regain employment when homeless! The Occupy Movement nationally became aware of the challenges of homelessness and mental illness in our first hand experience of living in tents side by side with the homeless. There is a complete “sweep it under the rug” mentality in the nation that must be changed about homelessness and mental health. Mental health and homelessness are frequently two-sides of the same coin. A societal problem too big for families to deal with. Both must be addressed in innovative and compassionate ways. There is already leadership and stronger models of intervention in other countries and independent nonprofits here in the United States that need to be implemented nationally. (For instance, the Urban Rest stop in Seattle.) We call for compassionate housing of our disabled, our poor, our elderly and our homeless with counseling and mental healthcare combined in this new approach. New low income housing must no longer be “projects” that appear like prisons and truly become prisons of the soul. Finally, our overflowing prisons reflect an overreaction and quick incarceration of young black men. We need to alter their path with an investment in their early education that assures more mentorship and guidance to productive lives. The war on drugs needs to be halted. If we put mental health in it’s rightful place in our nations priorities, especially defended against in early childhood education many addictive personalities are destined to be derailed from an inevitable down spiral. Our prisons need to be for criminals not addicts, who were invariably abused children in their childhood and by society in their adulthood. A national law allowing for the sale and possession of small amounts of marijuana (personal use) would greatly reduce prison incarceration and set free many business-minded individuals. The country should follow the progressive states in this campaign for legalizing hemp and usher back a cash crop from it’s prohibitionary place in history.

5. We stand for
Agriculture, and Farmers and Gardeners.
Some cities are experiencing “food deserts” where grocery stores are difficult to find. This reflects the difficulty for people to get started as small grocers. Small business loans should be made more accessible to mom and pop grocers to reinvigorate their “food desert” neighborhoods. America also needs to encourage gardening more and we propose some of the blighted properties of cities become designated for community pea patch gardening and gardening for schools. We are opposed to the fact that genetically modified organisms are being widely used in American agriculture and that by not labeling (GMO) products as such; the American public are unaware that they are part of this experiment. We call for GMO labeling NOW so the public can decide whether they want to participate or NOT! We also oppose a control of seed by major corporations. Farmers saving their seed and heirloom seeds need to be protected from the onslaught of companies like Monsanto that are trying to corner the worldwide market for their scientifically produced, genetically modified seed, that develops certain aspects of a plant, like bug resistance or drought resistance. Our trade for these modified seeds is often a lack of flavor and a lack of knowing what introducing these new seeds will cause for future generations. We don’t want them, plain and simple!

#ONOLA #Chalkupy Met By French Market Security (Hey Security, #ChalkIsNotAFelony) but No Arrests #J25

Today in New Orleans, we Chalkupied the Amphitheater near Jackson Square b/c Obama’s reception was nearby. 

We had to wait for the torrential downpour to stop before chalking, but we learned that chalk looks brighter when the pavers are wet.

The French Market Security and Manager told Occupy NOLA Chalk is “graffiti” and a felony, threatened to have everyone arrested if they didn’t clean up the Chalkupy, and then had their employees clean up the Chalkupy.

Here is the video the livestreamer took during the encounter with French Market Security (we can’t even say #FTP because it wasn’t NOPD).

What Do We Want?

An Open Letter to New Orleans 99%,

Since Occupy NOLA’s eviction from Duncan Plaza, we’ve had terrific actions, protests, and rallies.  Attendance at our General Assemblies has been healthy.

We, who have invested our sweat, our time, our resources, our emotions in solidarity with the 99%, have wondered where the crowd who marched to City Hall on October 6 has gone. Overburdened, our working groups have continued to support local and national causes as we’ve orchestrated direct actions, rallied in the streets, and expanded our digital media resources.

But lately it feels like our numbers have dwindled. Where have some of the occupiers gone? When will they return? What if they do not return to the General Assemblies and the protests?

I have asked these questions many times, and the universe has responded.

On June 19, a group of activists traveling with the Occupy Caravan to The Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, will arrive in New Orleans.

They will join us at the Tuesday night General Assembly and stay for the duration of Wednesday, June 20, leaving the morning of the 21. Occupy The Stage and the Occupy Caravan Working Group have been busy preparing for the caravan’s arrival. We’ve planned a performance and a flash mob and are expanding the community kitchen.

Like you, we are doing this because we continue to believe that we can change the world. Like you, we refuse defeat.

Now, I ask this of not only Occupy NOLA but of the citizens of the greater New Orleans area.

I ask you to send me your dreams. What local action have you envisioned in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement? What action have you held, in your heart, as you waited for enough people who were willing and able to attend? Is it a BP Oil protest? A march to demand the recall of Governor Jindal? A rally in support of the employees who will suffer from the impending local post office closures? A student debt strike? What would you plan if you knew occupiers from the West Coast, South, and Deep South will stand in solidarity with you?

It is your spirit that has kept me motivated when I myself grew weary. Please tell me what action you would plan if it were your last opportunity for civil disobedience or direct action.

The time is now.

Because on June 20, I want to shout “What do we want?” and the voices that respond may be in the hundreds.

Revolution isn’t easy. Revolution is hard.

But on June 20, occupiers from around the country will join us. What would you like to do? Visit The Occupy Caravan website to learn more.

And do not forget to send me your ideas via email, Facebook, Twitter, or in person.

I look forward to standing beside you when the Occupy Caravan arrives.

Expect them.

With Love and Solidarity,

Magpie Anthony

People’s Foreclosure on Chase Bank Press Release - June 9 Action



June 4, 2012

Occupy NOLA

On Saturday June 9th Occupy NOLA will be holding a People’s Foreclosure on Chase Bank.

WHAT: People’s Foreclosure on Chase Bank. In solidarity with families across the U.S. resisting foreclosures and evictions, Occupy NOLA is calling on JPMorgan Chase Bank to cease and desist from foreclosing on homes in Louisiana for the duration of the present economic crisis. A spotlight has shone on the nefarious deeds of Chase and other big banks since the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Throwing millions of working families out of their homes is class warfare against the 99%. Signs, banners, folding chairs, barbeque grills, and people are requested to visually demonstrate the ways in which the banks are exploiting our system and profiting from human need.

WHERE: 2200 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA. This branch of Chase Bank is open until 1pm on Saturdays.

WHEN: Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 11:30am

During the first quarter of 2012, 4,552 Louisiana properties were targeted by foreclosure-related notices.  These ranged from an initial notice of default to repossession by a lender.  The lion’s share of these foreclosures were properties being seized from the 99% as result of the economic crisis imposed on them by the investment practices of the 1%.

So come, carry your signs, bring chants, banners, balloons, and most importantly yourself, your friends and family, and anyone you know who is or may be facing a foreclosure.

For more information contact OccupyNOLA ( or Mike Howells (

This action will be discussed at the next General Assembly of Occupy NOLA on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 pm at 2735 C Toulouse Street (just off of N. Broad Street in Mid-City). All are invited to attend.


Occupy NOLA New Orleans, LA

Content provided by Occupy NOLA Press

#ONOLA GA Tompkins Square Everywhere #M19

At the Saturday Occupy NOLA General Assembly Joe Braun will lead a special discussion, Tompkins Square Everywhere. This will begin 1:30pm Saturday, May 19th, in Washington Square Park near Dauphine and Frenchmen in the Marigny. If you are one of the 99 percent, then this is a meeting for you.