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Chica is clearly a duck. She has a bill in the game which is flat, indicating that she is indeed a duck.

/F/reddy /F/azbear

/B/onnie /B/unny

/C/hica /C/hicken

It has even been stated in the Wikis that she is a CHICKEN not a duck

140917 KARA Youngji "The Onnie being mean? Ask One, They Teach Ten"

KARA Youngji “The onnie being mean (to me)? If I ask for one thing, they teach me ten”

KARA’s new member Youngji expresses her sorry and thankful heart for the other KARA members.

Recently Youngji did a photoshoot and interview for star1 that will be published on September 22.

Youngji was asked whether there other members being mean or not to her. She answered while laughing “I understand that people think like that however there is no such thing.”

She added “Since KARA is a group with great popularity, people around me were worried what if I can’t adapt to it. But the onnie really take care of me very well. If i ask about something, they will teach me ten things. I’m really thankful” 

Youngji who got the honor dropped her first album while becoming a member of a girl group that already in their 7th year, the other members became her senior and colleague at the same time. She said humbly “I’m just feeling sorry to them since i’m still very lacking”

Youngji’s feeling for debuting as a singer and the behind story for the activities during the promotion for her first album will be published on the October issue of star1 at September 22.

Eng trans by @yuda