12/14/12 Day 74. Today at lunch Jesse and @bina_banana and I were in the cafeteria standing around. Out of nowhere, people just bursted into song, singing “Jingle Bells.” I couldnt. #onlyatlva Oh yeh and there was ANOTHER pigeon that flew into the cafeteria! Eventually it flew out and the crowd rejoiced. I also went to the guitar concert and it was FANTASTIC! I loved it. At first I was like nyeh… Then I was like WOAH! Good stuff. It was weird because I normally go to jazz concerts x) But change is good right? #photoadaylva

8/29/12 I was in the car waiting to leave for school and I realized one of the straps on my new dress broke. It was too late to change clothes so I went to school with a broken dress strap. Luckily, nothig bad happend and the dress looked like it was meant to have one shoulder thing. c: #onlyatlva (Taken with Instagram)

I’m kinda glad I spent my day at the Choir Retreat. I met *some* people. My socially awkwardness was able to make one friend. I talked to people so I wasn’t too anti-social. It was quite a fun day. I had two balloons but Kyla took one, Jeff. Now I have Geoff. #goodday #choir #onlyatlva (Taken with Instagram)