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((I’m laughing so hard at that.)) “Ma mum.” She repeated, albeit a bit slower to try and make sense of her words. “I need ta find her.” She smiled at the look he gave her, exposing the fact that she was missing some teeth and growing in others.

"Oh, you’re mother!" The Dwarf chuckled at her speech, remembering when he used to talk so. He gazed around, his keen eyes searching for a woman who looked similar to the child at his hand, "Why did you not say so before?"

@ Elizabeth

Adjusting the tattered shawl around his shoulders, Fillan hunched over further, peering out from under the hood at the market crowds. New shipments had come in the day before, and the place was positively bustling with activity. He could see a group of young whores taking advantage of the abundant sailors across the square, and as he watched, one led a large burly man away by the lapels of his coat.

Fillan grumbled under his breath - ever since that narrow escape in which he’d been injured, he’d been forbidden by the other members of his gang to do any serious legwork. Refusing to stay indoors and be treated like an invalid, Fillan had nicked a few items of clothing and done himself up as a beggar, hoping to bring in at least a little bit of money.

He hadn’t done this for a while, but it wasn’t difficult to make his voice deliberately thin and raspy, and make himself look as pitiful as possible while he pleaded with any passersby for a spare penny, arms outstretched, gaze darting through the masses of people, picking out potential marks.

Greeting the guests...

Today was a somewhat formal occasion, as such he had his guards spaced around the castello and the Vatican as they needed, all in polished armor. Cesare himself was made to wait at the entrance to greet those that came. “Is there something I can help you with?” He asked, his eyes keeping a look out for anything that might need his attention.


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Elizabeth tilted her head, a bit confused by his mannerisms, before laughing. Oh, the poor thing had probably gotten many more than what she had simply given him. He obviously wasn’t used to. “I was forced to, friend.” She held her hands up in defense.

He gave her a side-long glance for a moment, then turned up his nose and turned his head to the opposite direction. A child’s way of giving someone the cold shoulder.

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I would send you one of those 'send to the 15 nicest people on tumblr' thingies but you're not nice. You're one of the kindest, most pleasantly good-hearted people I have ever met (although not in person). You have your own problems yet you still go out of your way to help others and I admire that greatly. I love you, okay, and your muses. /smooch/

I kinda freaked when I read the first part because all I could think is ‘oh shit what have I done I’m so so sorry’.

Bologna. I’m not as nice as you think but I’ll help if I can and to the best of my abilities which is what most people do.

But anyways, time for one more Otter love pic.


The End.

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Nice bum you got, Kili~ [slaps butt] ((Pass this onto the next 5 people on your dash!))

The Dwarf cried out in frustration; he shot a nasty glare at her then spun around, stomping away to the nearest chair. He dropped into it with a great harrumph!, crossed his arms, and slouched for a tantrum was the young bowman throwing.

"Never will I get up from this chair! Never! You people have gone strange."

Unruly locks fell over his eyes as Kíli stared intensely.

At nothing.

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"Hey mithter," A seven year old Elizabeth tugged on Kili's hand, her big blue eyes staring up at him. "Have ya theen ma mum?" ((Here ya go, babbu~))

Kíli stared down at the child with such fondness you’d think the little daughter of Men was kin. “You’re so darling,” he said, beaming at her, “But I have not a clue what you’re saying.”


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((That, my friend, is the ignorance of the human race. I’ve been there in my Freshman class when I had to tell the school I had depression. That professor was an ass and he doesn’t know you’re a wonderfully, intelligent person despite your ADHD.))

That’s the thing. ADHD doesn’t affect intelligence. It means I experience the world, mentally, a different way. It means that sometimes I get up and randomly run around because it helps me focus and think. But it seems like some people take it as a sign that you’re less than. I’m not bright but it’s not my ADHD that makes it so.


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(Da Faq. I have ADHD as well as Aspergers syndrome. It took me a while but I know how to control myself. But I am constantly underminded for my disability. It’s eaither ‘Stop blaming your disability for everything’ or ’ LET ME TALK SLOW LIEK DIS’

Yes! I know exactly what you mean. We’ve worked with these issues our whole lives, we’re not six year-olds. We have worked hard to understand how we tick and what helps us work around or with it, successfully. By using that “stop blaming” or treating me like a dumb-downed version of a human being, you are taking what we’ve done and telling us it’s nothing and we are less than worthy of basic consideration.

Hell. No.


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i’d happily punch your teacher in the face with my feet for you. what a cunt. no one deserves something like that, you least of all. you are so nice to everyone, that’s so aggravating to hear :(

If I can be honest. This is not the first time a teacher has been cruel over this issue. But this is college not pre-K. I expect to be treated like an adult. If you have concern with my ADHD, come discuss it with me I will be honest and show you my behavioral record. Do not assume simply because you have a vague idea that ADHD must make kids hyper.