A new season of Life in the Dreamhouse has started and to kick things off they’ve introduced another character! Nikki’s cousin Grace (although I don’t think they’re related in this version because they don’t seem to recognise each other at all) has been added to the show wearing an outfit from an upcoming 2015 doll line.

You might recognise her from the So in Style line of dolls (which Barbie actually references in a talking head couch scene, lmao)

Personality-wise… imagine a somehow nerdier version of Midge and you’ve got Grace. Can’t wait to see how they’re gonna interact with each other considering they’re both giant dorks.

so, i can’t draw liquid-y things. or do minimalistic poster-type-things. but hey miasm is neat.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: for those who are fine with body/eye horror and death and like demons and world-building and also really awesome art i recommend looking at the Coronation world by mercenary-tributary.

its not a proper series like a comic or such. its more like a collection of the person’s ideas and questions people ask about the world-building

my sister showed me it and it’s really really cool

especially if you like monsters and such

...y e e

when you least expect it

we all know the saying ‘it’ll happen when you least expect it!’ but in relation to my dating life, i’ve always said 'well i’ve been 'least expecting it’ for years + it’s never happened!’ so that saying has been a farce in my book, until last night.

i matched with a guy on tinder last week, we sent a couple messages, then moved over to text. up until yesterday we’d only had a few exchanges, but had been unable to align our schedules to meet. we had running/tough mudder/love of beer in common, so all was good. he won [major] points for following up on tentative plans after being away for work all week, so we set the place + time.

i walked in a few minutes late + he had already texted to ask what kind of beer i’d like, so there was a beer waiting. first of all, he was even more attractive in person [tall, with an amazingly rugged beard, beautiful eyes] + we hit it off immediately. i made him laugh, he made me laugh. we began talking about what brought us to tinder, he brought up the fact that he was divorced + had a 5 year old daughter, which opened the door for me to tell him about rhyan. there was almost a sense of relief for both of us, and everything flowed from there. we just got each other. the date didn’t end until midnight, and it truly was the most refreshing time i’ve had with a guy in awhile. there were so many commonalities + it was obvious we enjoyed each others company. he walked me to my car and we hugged goodbye, casually saying we’d do it again soon.

i found myself giddy this morning, with a renewed sense that good guys do still exist. which is why i said, this date had me thinking the whole 'when you least expect it’ saying could [in fact] be true.