only to be torn apart in the worst of ways


  she did die ;;
     just not when he thought.

            the world’s torn her apart in the worst
ways and her scars are ugly. were ugly. now
she’s bare as bed sheets, memory wiped
clean. that includes the horrors and the warm
. she’s left with a face that would only
be familiar by few and her soul’s born new.
pieces of her are untouched, sounds and the
way the earth feels beneath naked toes are
brand new. a bird chirps and she pauses for
ten minutes. she steps on a stone, she flinches.
she’s only got a white dress on, flowly little
fabric, that some older lady threw on her the
morning before when she saw the little winged,
sooted creature walking around nude — the
women nearly had a fright !! she only has a
single feeling, confusion, and she doesn’t
know where she’s going. she just keeps going.
until she’s at someone’s doorstep. her knees
wobble, her wings flutter, and her hands go
flat against the wooden barrier.