A buddy of mine from back in high school, Nikoli Manyo, just made an amazing post on working from home and making money online—for those of you who are stuck at home and would like to make a few extra bucks, this is definitely worth checking out.

…A lot of people have been asking me how I make pretty decent money online while spending very little time per day to do so.. well since I don’t want to keep telling individual people the same thing, here are my methods take it or leave it. If you have any questions about any of the sites, you can privately message me. 
As a preface: none of these are scams (none of them ask you for money either), and I have been using all of them for months with payment. Also, all the links I post are referral links and usually help you(usually by an extra sign up bonus) and me for using them. If you don’t want to use the referral link you can use google to look up the site.

-InstaEDU: Tutoring website that pays 20/hour to tutor virtually any subject. You set your own schedule. If you have any experience in sciences, they are in EXTREMELY high demand. There is more than enough action if you want it. Although I have many times tutored someone for something as simple as proofreading an essay.

-SkimaTalk: Pays around 17-19$ per hour(starting off, after a few lessons you are allowed to set your own rates) to talk to someone who wants to practice their English. You set your own schedule. The people you talk to are almost always Japanese business men and women and are mostly pretty nice. Example: just today I talked to a mother of four from japan who is a chemist. Note: YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANOTHER LANGUAGE, Just enlgish!! The customers you talk to all know English, they just need someone to speak with and evaluate their pronunciation/ possibly teach them a few new words. Most conversations are basic like how the weather is and other basic speaking topics. Also, they just had a massive influx of new customers this week so getting booked for lessons shouldn’t be too difficult.

“Get Paid” : a huge site with hundreds of opportunities for making that dough. Surveys, games, videos, and other tasks. Very cool interface as well which makes things pretty user friendly. Also great referral program if you have any friends that are interested.

Perk tv: Pay can be around 150$/ month in gift cards per account. EXTREMELY passive income. It is basically an app(android or iphone/ipad) that runs tv advertisements. There are other ways to earn points but this is the best and most passive way. If you have an extra old phone laying around(or want to buy a cheap one), just run it on that. You do not need a network, all you need is WIFI(I take the sim cards out of my old iphone). Also you should do it on wifi so you don’t use phone data if you’re on a limited plan. The payout as I said is in gift cards, which you redeem from points you earn from watching the advertisements. I usually get walmart or target(since you can buy a giftcard for something else with that giftcard if you want…). 

SurveySavvy(all surveys at least 1$.. most are 3 or 5$): I usually HATE survey sites. They usually either don’t pay(or pay like .10 cents per survey), the surveys are extremely long and not worth it, or the worst of all: you do a survey and get to the end of it and find out you don’t qualify! The good thing is that surveysavvy NEVER does this. They ALWAYS let you know if you don’t qualify for a survey within the first few minutes. None of the surveys are too long, and there are usually opportunities for big surveys each week. There are also opportunities for in home product tests which you get paid for as well. 

Pinecone research: Another survey site. Pays quite well but difficult to get into. I believe they might be recruiting at the moment if you fit the demographic. Here’s the regular link as there is no referral link available.

Slicethepie: get paid to review songs. Very fun as the more songs you review, your rank increases and you get paid more for each review.

Spark Profit: One of my favorite “games”. You won’t make TONS of money on this (although I’ve made over 200$ on it just screwing around) but its fun regardless and pretty passive. The point of the game is to predict the currency markets. If you predict correctly and get over 20,000 points(which isn’t too difficult), you earn money. If you mispredict, you still keep your money already earned, so there is literally no real loss to you. There is a short tutorial once you sign up to teach you how to play. Although take note, the only market open to predict on during the weekend is Bitcoin, the other markets do not open until Sunday night and go until Friday.

Market Glory: Another cool “game” where you can make money. You start off at the bottom with literally no money, nothing, and fight/work your way to the top. For this game it is advisable to fight 10 times a day(The max you can), and work once per day. It can be a grind at first but once you save up some money(in game money), you can start a company and then really start getting dat doh. I would advise looking into strategy guides for further advice, but literally for the first couple weeks just fight and work. Eventually when you make enough in game money you can trade it in for real money. This is both rewarding and better time spent than playing candy crush imo lol.

Goldentown: A game in which you build up a town and mine gold. You can then exchange that gold for cash. There is also a very intricate community with trading, politics and other fun stuff going on which makes the game interesting. I personally like this one to play around with too. It takes a little bit to get started, but use the guide below the link and you should be running an awesome goldmining town in no time!

You can check out even more work from home suggestions in this earlier post made specifically for spoonies!

  • Me On Episode One:this anime looks so great and funny! This is gonna be fantastic!
  • Me On Episode 12:*a tumble weed rolls through my room as a single tear rolls down my cheek* I am dead inside
  • Sword Art Online
  • No Game No Life
  • Free!
  • Toradora
  • Rosario Vampire
  • Wolf’s Rain
  • Amnesia
  • Blue Exorcist
  • High school dxd
  • Inu x Boku Secret Service
  • Say “I Love You”
  • Noragami
  • My Little Monster
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Angel Beats
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
  • Au Haru Ride
  • Zankyou No Terror
  • Dancing on the Vampire Bund
  • Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • Anohana
  • Naruto
  • Love Stage
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Hell Girl
  • Your Lie in April
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
  • Kuroko’s no Basket
  • Wolf Children
  • My Neighbour Totoro

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Where Online Services Go When They Die: Rebuilding Prodigy, one screen at a time. A brilliant, small effort to reconstruct and revisit a place that many of us knew—a place where, as a first-time user, watching the graphics load up felt as though you’d dialed the future with your modem.

As we invest more of our lives into the electronic realm, corporate decisions to shut down online services without recourse are beginning to resemble digital acts of Nero burning Rome—cultural history and entire communities are trashed in the process.

Nintendo to cease Wii and DS online features

Nintendo of Japan announced yesterday that they will cease online support for the Wii home console and DS handheld on May 20th of this year. This follows the company’s decision to end support for several Wii applications back in 2013. Some are already speculating that this may be an attempt to get more fans to adopt to the struggling Wii U. With that said, Nintendo may also be trying to free up their internet servers before Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., both of which are popular titles that will demand a large online presence, launch later this year.

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Arrgh! I'm on Edge! Or why we can't yet rely on online only services.

I’m spending a few days of vacation in Burgundy, with family and friends, in a small village that could easily be called Kalamazoo… And there is no 3G service. Depending on the location inside the house, I can get 3 or 4 bars of Edge, sometimes even stepping down to GPRS… And there is no Wi-Fi available either. So, it’s no big deal actually, it’s vacation time right?

But, still, I can’t help thinking about the bigger picture: we are still years away from being always connected. There are gray zones likes this one, and lots of places with no connection at all (inside buildings for example, or in planes, although this situation is changing). And in those cases, forget about Google Docs or Office 365, if you want to work, or about Spotify, on the entertainment side. As far as I’m concerned, I was also counting on iTunes Match, but I’m afraid that downloading songs, let alone albums, over a spotty Edge connection is not going to be an option. I’ll try though…

I guess the only online task I’ll be able to achieve is to publish this post, thanks to the Tumblr app on the iPhone. I guess it’s time for me to disconnect for a few days, then.

Happy new year!

STUDENT HACKS: Cheap Textbooks

Textbooks prices have increased by 186% since 1986 and students find them harder to buy. Second hand books are equally expensive but there are a few online places you can buy them affordably. These include;

You may have heard of because they have a handy Facebook app that allows students to buy and sell directly through your profile. I’ve never used this service, but leave a comment if you have.

This is a typical buy & sell used textbook website.

Here, Students get to outsource any academic help they seek because the website has subscription to many online libraries and journal databases to enable useful dissertation writing and research. You can also buy essay from this website.

I’ve never used this service, but they offer free textbooks in return for completed surveys. These textbooks have ads in them – which help pay the cost. Leave a comment if this service is legit or not. provides a place to buy and sell discounted textbooks. You’ve probably seen their ads in your campus newspaper.

This websites compares textbook prices across a bunch of popular online stores like,, and claims to save students 58% on average on textbooks. Prices include tax, shipping and coupons.

A site similar to – which allows you to buy discounted textbooks and novels.

For more information, send an email to 

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Private beta announced for online in-browser 3D modelling tool to create, collaborate and share 3D work online:

After nearly two years of development, Exocortex is pleased to publicly announce, our next-generation 3D content creation tool that runs within the web browser using commodity technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and of course WebGL.) is built to resemble traditional desktop 3D content creation tools on the surface, thus is immediately familiar to most 3D artists. But because is built for the web, it is always accessible, there is no configuration, it is cross platform, all of your creation history is stored automatically, you can collaborate in real-time, and you have access to unlimited cloud computing on-demand.

Under development for nearly two years by the experienced development team at Exocortex, is unlike anything you have seen before. We have, with, reimagined how 3D content creation can be done for the web era. We have removed the headaches that all of us in the profession know too well, headaches that were understandable back in 1995, but not nearly 20 years later. We have done away with license servers, configuration and deployments, upgrades, limited rendering and storage resources, the need to save often, and the pain associated with remote collaborations. is also not a single purpose application, it isn’t just a single renderer or a layout tool, it is a modern integrated 3D content creation tool built around an extensible scripting and plugin model. By adopting, you are not giving up the power and freedom that you were used to on the desktop, rather you are just gaining additional functionality and convenience.

Sounds impressive, and a potential game changer.

Find out more and signup here

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IMPORTANT: International Harmonizers, it's extremely important that you create US accounts so you can buy and stream Reflection!

It’s extremely important that you create US accounts- so you can stream and Buy Reflection on iTunes and Spotify. Streams are crucial for their US debut. Also, buy Reflection on iTunes in the US. We need your help to get Fifth Harmony the best debut possible. Read more for info on how to create your US accounts.

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