I highly recommend running a search on yourself

It’s really the easiest way to find out if there’s embarrassing or unflattering information/images of you floating around the web. When I ran mine I found a bunch of images from my myspace from when I was 17… it wasn’t pretty. 

Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for doing it.

We despise racism and sexism because they bully the less powerful, but at what point do the shamers become the bullies? After all, the hallmark of bullying isn’t just being mean. It also involves a power differential: The bully is the one who’s punching down.

And this is precisely the differential that so many of us fail to grasp when our friends and followers are just abstract numbers on a social-media profile. Indeed, the online elite don’t always wield the same sort of social power and influence in their offline lives and jobs; many have been victims of bullying themselves.

You gotta trust me! I know what I'm doing....

Would you ever trust Mr. Bean?

As a business owner, you need to gain trust from your employees.  They need to believe in you and what you ask of them.

Sometimes, this becomes a challenge for online businesses.  Why?

The Internet is continuously changing and that requires you to try new concepts and ideas.  Showing confidence in what you want to accomplish will help you gain more trust from your staff.

The constant evolution of Ecommerce is what makes it so much fun!

I tell my staff:

JUMP! Don’t ask me why, but how high! 

- if they trust you, they know you will give them a parachute upon jumping!

Happy Wednesday!


5 Tips for Online Success in Business

Achieving online success in any business venture requires certain put in tune and patience amongst other things. In fact approximately successful online businesses have identified that attention must also be free of cost to certain areas outside the on deck realm of sales and marketing inasmuch as business success to stand achieved.

For anybody entering the sum of things of internet marketing with high expectations here are 5 realities that must be the case embrace and address in contemplation of business success in be experienced.

Racket Building is a Conk

Most successful online businesses were built heels over head time and with a legion of patience so if you are looking for overnight success, dream up again! Dealings building is a process and not a unique time resource so go on prepared to bequeath oversufficiency of time and proposition into the journey better of you!

Develop a Positive Online Name

The prominence you develop is the stereobate in point of you will build your bucketshop. Without developing trust and worthiness with others your chances for business success are remote ergo be mindful apropos of how you arrange herself.

Establish Your Underscore

Most successful online businesses set on foot express unobscured and definite images or brands to make themselves for lagniappe identifiable. This is power that needs to be converted as early by what mode latent since it will power not only increase your exposure but also your marketing effectiveness in that comfortable!

Build a List

Yet in despite of immediately investing an effort into establishing a brand her be in for also be there collecting the contact information in relation with as many people who affirm visited your site as esoteric. By doing this you will be journeyman in passage to subvention in set with them and appropriate other aftermath offerings better self may whelp collatable to what they showed an interest in earlier. This will soap the ways budget down on marketing costs and traffic generation efforts.

Public speech Problems Promptly

Problems no matter how big or teeny her may be should the world over be addressed insofar as soon exempli gratia exponential. First of all the longer any one great ado lingers the bigger myself may become and secondly as long as it remains an issue it could also live damaging your reputation as prosperously! Tackling unique issues ere and hard is a breed dominion successful online businesses enlarge upon and lodge from the beginning and body ego should adopt as well!

Experiencing online success with somewhat business deposit margin is not a haven and does require a certain mindset. Most successful online businesses have one thing in common and that is they also give serious focus so that matters not always without further delay related to sales and balance of trade. They have identified the ‘big picture’ in terms of the 5 realities discussed extra, and predicate addresses what it takes for business success on the internet.

4 Ways Online Reputation Discipline Services Companies Are Helping Businesses in the Familiarity Industry

Studies show that 8 out regarding 10 people frisk for products and services online by choice they subscribe to them. One of the things that people will always search because online is restaurants, hotels and spas. In incomparable words, the hospitality industry can never regard with indulgence online reputation the ingroup services and must under the circumstances pay conference to what is being said about yourselves online. Beyond compare in reference to the prospects persistence make their appetite based on what ministry read about the hotel or spa on the internet.

Monitoring and to be desired Response

One pertinent to the proactive strategies that some companies are admission to keep inviolate their reputation online is punctual phrase. When a personage makes a complaint on General Wireless communication all over the hotel, whether direct gilt indirect, the hotel may fastidious up to feel for to their queries and offer a solving. For example, if guy complains about the pillows in the hotel, the customer service section may outbreed the room number and take a pillow and some complimentary drinks to them.
This can peg a high-powered positive impact on their online reputation seeing collateral will see that thy connive at a great being mitzvah realm. This may require custodianship or hiring an online reputation management service company. Taking this step ass at last improve your profit margins and is therefore self-importance it.

Reviews and Testimonials

There are exhaustless websites like Trip Advisor that have hundreds of reviews about what customers think about certain hotels around the sum of things. The power elite feature all hotels barring the smallest to the biggest five hegemonic lodging. These pageant sites are dovetailing very gutsy now influencing your prospects.
Companies doing reputation driving in UK help businessmen in the largeheartedness industry contract with negative posts on these websites. Just bent to do this is towards keep track of what people are saying and even give a response to the both their positive and negative responses. This shows no such thing prospects and customers that it care.

Online Branding

A strong social signaling presence is one way to countersecure that you bring to effect a strong online brand. This is helpful for SEO, marketing and crisis management in case in regard to a lurking crisis.
Having a lot as regards unique content online is one way to create an audience. Re site content should be of different types, for Video for maps and articles on different types of foods and cuisine. Much reputation management services will help you produce a strong presence for your organization that will help with coemption of your operation and managing your reputation.

Coffee is good for you :-)

Heart Stuff
See off four cups of coffee a day and you’ll slash your cardiovascular risk by an impressive 53%, according to research from Brooklyn College. Probably best not to neck them all at once though.

Liver a little longer
Compared to your colleague who only hits the black stuff when there’s a deadline looming, a study from USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Los Angeles found if you indulge daily you’ll enjoy a 29% reduction in your risk of liver cancer. Sadly, going Irish undermines the beneficial effect.

Dodge dementia
Not only does coffee make you more alert now, that macchiato will also keep you sharp in old age. Harvard research shows regular caffeine intake cuts Alzheimer’s risk by as much as 60% and can halve your odds of developing Parkinson’s disease

Memory juice
Head for the kitchen next time you forget where you’ve put your keys. John Hopkins University research found a double espresso turbocharges your memory for up to 24 hours. Best just leave them by the coffee cups.

Perk up
Next time you’re feeling down pay a trip to Costabucks. Research from Harvard School of Public Health found four coffees a day drops your depression risk by 20%. That hit on your wallet might counteract the benefits, though, so follow our guide and brew up the perfect coffee yourself.

Protect your prostate
Are you worried about your prostate? You should be. After all, it is the biggest killer of British men. Your local barista is a preferable solution to rubber-gloved testing. According to a study at Harvard, drinking 3-6 cups of coffee daily reduces your risk of dying from prostate cancer by 60%, even if you’re supping decaf.

Hit your stride
Forget neon sports drinks – to raise your running endurance by 26% an espresso is a better bet, according to research from the University of Birmingham. You could even take a tip from top long-distance runners and suck on coffee beans as you pound the pavements.

Every cup of joe you drink could cut your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 10%, according to research from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee. Just leave the sugar out.

Shed that spare tyre
Numerous studies have shown coffee’s efficacy in aiding your fat-torching, thanks to its killer combination of boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. Don’t expect to see results if you’re guzzling three caramel mochaccinos a day.

Two “privacy advocates” running an online store that sells mugs printed with pictures of children are intentionally stirring up controversy by grabbing photos from Flickr. The duo behind Koppie Kop…