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Qmee - Earn cash just using Google.

Now don’t get excited and think that this is going to be a huge money spinner, but I’ve had £45 in well under a year, paid instantly via Paypal, which isn’t to be sniffed at! 

Basically you install a small addon, I personally have the Google Chrome one, and then when you use Google, or your search engine of choice, you will on occasion see clickable adverts appear on the left hand side of your screen. Each link will have an amount of money next to it (ranging from 5-12p usually depending on how frequently you click link) you then simply click the link, and will be redirected to a page, usually relevant to what you were originally searching for, you will then see your little icon (for the addon) appear as a piggie bank and then a little coin will drop into it and you can click the green Q on your toolbar to see your live balance, which updates as soon as you’ve clicked the link and the page has opened.

I personally find 12-20p of adverts most days, sometimes more, and I have found adverts when searching for a vast array of different items and topics, as well as when browsing Amazon and eBay. 

You will not always receive links to click for all searches and the amount you are paid drops down from around 12p to 5p if you click the links frequently. I usually find links worth 7p, 6p and 5p which take me just seconds to click. 

The addon is safe, simple to download and then just runs quietly alongside whatever you are doing online. I have had addons from other companies that have slowed my computer down but this is not one of them! 

Cashouts can be processed for any amount I believe but I personally just do it every few pounds, when I remember. To cashout just click the Qmee addon ‘Q’ at the top of your toolbar and then hit 'Cash out my piggybank’. This takes seconds and the funds arrive basically instantly via Paypal.


Yes yes, I know you’re hungry, ah, and here comes dinner!

So Darth Yoda’s first post is gonna be about ptc sites among other things,  and not about a bunch of Darthy evil stuff. I know it’s quite sad.

There are so many scams around everywhere, how can you tell what is a scam and what is a real possibility? 

Basically every place where there’s a video with someone blabbering on and on about how great something is, is a scam. What they want you to do is enter your e-mail so they can spam you with offers requiring you to pay only $95 to learn all their secrets and be on your way to becoming filthy rich quick and easy.

I have never fallen into that trap, but I’ve fallen into another trap called ptc. If you do a quick google search on ptc you may find the chemical term phenylthiocarbamide, this is not what I’m talking about here.

If you paid attention you may have noticed at the start that I was talking about ptc sites, shame on you if you didn’t pay attention ^^

What a ptc site is, basically, is a site that pays you to click… There are many scam sites like this as well, but in general you can put anything that “requires” you to pay into a scam folder, and if anyone tries to tell you that it is not a scam, be very skeptical.

So how do you make money on a ptc?, honestly, I don’t know that’s why I’m asking, hah. This is both true and untrue, you make next to nothing on your own, you need to promote yourself and get referrals, and this is also something I plan to do here.

So here come the first referral links:

Here’s the thing is, I don’t have any referrals anywhere yet. Zero, nill, nada, I am hoping you guys can turn that around for me. 

All the sites above are free to join and they don’t require you to give away your credit card information. 

There is also usually an offer to rent referrals, you can do this either with “your own money” which I wouldn’t recommend, at least until you’ve gotten paid etc, and never investing too much at a time. Or you can do it slowly with some funds that grow on your account through clicking ads, getting referrals from referral links etc.

I believe with enough activity and enough referrals ptc sites can be a good source of extra income. I am making this a long term plan to see how things play out, join me and help me out at the start and learn more how things are going for me, and hopefully do well for yourself.

Joining as a direct referral does not lose you any potential income at all, it will only help me out. If you join without being referred you will be added to rented referrals pool basically, so you will help someone else out who propably needs it much less.

I will write more about other things, but this will be my main focus, trying to make money without any skills whatsoever, you might notice my blog is nowhere near as fancy as everyone elses. And also to try to help you guys make money as well once/if I get the hang of this.

Karatbars International

Hello guys

It’s been a while since I wrote something new

Well most of the things now are the same … Just repeated ideas and some lame ones

Now Don’t get me wrong..there are some genuine ideas that are STILL active so far

Adclick Express (Formally Profit Clicking) With the Traffic Exchange Idea

Uinvest Nice old Fashioned investment way (buy shares from the projects listed and get monthly or daily revenues or re-sell the shares when they are up)

Bitcoin (Will talk about it in a separated Blog )

SFI (Strong Financial Income) A community For Affiliation Marketing and selling Online with HUGE features

So now I found Yet Another Awesome idea to invest your money.. and I believe it is the best way to invest for the future

It’s from a German Based Company Called Karatbars International which the only work in Gold

Gold Is The Future !!

but  before I get into details a little history lesson So You all be in the prospective and fully grasp the opportunity that they offer :)


After the World War II was ended..half the world was in ruin (most of europe , some parts of the Soviet Union, and most of south east Asia )

So a rebuilding process is needed, not just in it’s infrastructure but also in it’s economic.. They needed needed a new economic system to support the rebuilding and sustain the countries connected to it.

So in a economic summit, they decided that the most effective way is they relay on one currency in all there international trades..and this currency will be the support with Gold and will become the back-bone of the entire rebuilding process.

So they chosed the US Dollar to be that one currency since the USA had much more stronger and stable economy plus the fact it started entering a golden Age.and tie the Gold to it by 35$

So the now all the world was buying US Dollars and then they use those dollars to buy Gold for their own economy , so in term this method guaranteed that their economy is indirectly supported with gold also .. and everyone is happy.

Well that was the case til the year 1971, when President Nixon decided that this economy system well only drag the use economy to a plumb, so he gave the green light for his “economical Experts” find and execute the best solution to secure the future of US economy.

And so the experts said relying on gold is ancient method and may not sustain the future globalization expansions, So they decided to convert the Gold Money (money supported by gold) into paper currency which we are using now; this conversion only paved the way for so many economical disasters and some are still brewing in the horizon cause now US Dollar has ZERO real value (other than it’s painted value),

at the near end of the 90s some people actually started to realize what’s going on and started trading their paper money into something solid that can bring them some profit in later times, these trades where mostly in Oil, Silver, and Gold

Hope you all staying with me :D

OK now let’s focus on my last sentence (at the near end of the 90s some people actually started to realize what’s going on and started trading their paper money into something solid that can bring them some profit in later times, these trades where mostly in Oil, Silver, and Gold)

Now they have the right concept these are the most wanted resources right now

but not for everyone, buying and selling in stock market is SOOOOO risky and the risks are even higher if you are inexperienced , plus for those who have the idea of saving they can’t ship those items they sold to their home, so this is the solution but we need a more practical one

that’s where our company comes to play

Now Karatbars deals in Gold

but not any gold, cause now in stock market the one troy ounce of gold is $1,323.60 and for you to do the right investment you need to buy alot of ounces and you may now be able ship them to your country or bank

So what does Karatbars offer?

they came with a new classification of Gold called Currency Gold

what is Currency Gold? it’s a 999.9 bullion of pure gold in grams :)

see this Picture: that shiny thing in the middle is pure 1 gram of gold

now this card has multi-purpose function

- as obvious it slidify you liquefied money currency into a more profitable Gold that effected through out the years you buy this Card by less than 50€ and you can re-sell it later with higher value OR store it for the Unknown future in couple of years those gold grams will worth so much you can secure your future from now ; because basically Karatbars account is initially a “Gold-Saving Account”

you can buy and store your gold or you buy and order them shipped to you 

- Also Karatbars International created a K-Exchanger Program that shops and facilities through out the globe can accept those cards and payment methods, meaning you bought this card by 50€ but the 1 gram worth even more (let’s say 150€) so now you have a card that holds 150€ to shop with :)

Plus Karatbars International have an affiliate program that WILL blow your mind sky high !!

You see; there are SEVEN ways to make money with Karatbars International

Five of them are actually FREE and available for any register user without spending a cent :)

The other two they are optional and require a one time purchase of a package they are selling (but ofcource the real money making are in those optional features )

will try to explain each one as much as I can :)

The Free ways in the affiliation program are :

Direct Commissions

Unilevel Bonus

Generational Bonus

Karatbars Pool

Karatbars Gold Fund

and the Optional Ways are:

Package Bonus and Dual Team Bonus

Now basically in the Free methods that are available to you that you get a Direct Commissions depend on you Ranking in the Company

You get 0.5% - 6.0% form your TOTAL sales AND your Organization Total sales as well through all the month and commissions will be paid 1st on every month

This graph shows you the Ranks , the needed points to achieve it and the percentage you are qualified for

With the Unilevel Bonus you start as a Distributor and receive points for each sale, from your own sales or from your whole organization’s sales. For every 2 Euro in sales you get 1 point, for 100 Euros in sales you get 50 points.

You qualify for a rank in the Unilevel plan on the achieved points in a certain period. The total points that you and your organization produce determines your rank.

Example: You achieve the rank of Bronze Supervisor (1% in direct commission) by earning 500 points. That is 1000 Euros in total group sales.

For this rank there is no time limit. For the rank of Silver Supervisor you need 1.250 points in a one-month cycle. This can be achieved by personal sales volume or by organizational volume. All points of your entire organization count.

From the rank of Gold Supervisor to Gold Manager, the ranks must be achieved 3 times within 12 months to retain this for life. Each time the affiliate achieves the respective ranks, the qualifying rank income counts for that cycle.

From Bronze Director rank, points and sales are achieved monthly to get the commission. Once reached you retain the title, however, the rank of Gold Manager is guaranteed, even if this has not been confirmed 3 times.

In addition to the direct commissions, you receive the differential commissions from the sales of your affiliates, if your rank is higher than any of your direct affiliate referrals.

To qualify for the directors positions you need at least 2 or 3 direct lines (direct affiliates) and a certain number of sales per month.

Example: As a Bronze Director you need at least 2 lines where one line generates 4000 points (8000 Euros turnover) and the other line or rather the rest of your organization 2000 points (4000 Euros turnover).

To qualify for the Gold Director Elite you need at least 3 lines, where one line generates at least 9000 points, another line at least 4000 points, and the third or rather the rest at least 3000 points in a month, and at least 200 additional sales and a qualified Gold Director in your organization.

If you have a Gold Director Elite in one line in your organization you receive a 5.75% level for that line. That means a differential commission of 0.25% on all sales from the organization of this Gold Director Elite.

If a second one from the same line achieves it, you get the level 5.90%. That means 0.15% of their total sales and if a third one achieves it from the same line, you get the level of 6.0% and thus 0.1% of their total sales.

to many confusing details right :D

but in it’s core you only need to refer as many inspired people as you can :)

Now for the Optional side (this is where the Fun is :D )

You see the Idea of the packages are rather simple yet VERY powerful ones combined with the Direct Commissions

Now there are 4 Standard Packages and 1 limited edition package these days

the Standard are: Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package and VIP Package

and the limited one is Exclusive VIP Package

the Packages Contains the following:

1) Bronze : (at a Price of 99€)

• 1 x €100 Bonus Card

• 1 x 3% Discount Card

• Brochures

- The importance of gold

- Karatbars International

- The K-Exchange Program

- The Branding Cards Program

• Image DVD 

This package will automatically enter you into the Dual System and increase your status in the Uni-level System to the Bronze Supervisor status.

Within the Dual System you will earn:

• 5% Direct Commission

• 10€ Per Cycle 

2) Silver: (at a price of 234.83 €)

1 Gram of Gold

3 Bonus Cards 100€

3 Bonus Cards 3%


- The importance of gold

- Karatbars International

- The K-Exchange Program

- The Branding Cards Program

Within the Dual System you will earn:

• 10% Direct Commission

• 40€ Per Cycle 

3) Gold: (at a price of 581.66 €)

2 Gram of Gold

7 Bonus Cards 100€

5 Bonus Cards 3%


- The importance of gold

- Karatbars International

- The K-Exchange Program

- The Branding Cards Program

Within the Dual System you will earn:

• 15% Direct Commission

• 60€ Per Cycle 

4) VIP: (at a price of 1,561.49 € )

3 Gram of Gold

20 Bonus Cards 100€

10 Bonus Cards 3%


- The importance of gold

- Karatbars International

- The K-Exchange Program

- The Branding Cards Program

Within the Dual System you will earn:

• 20% Direct Commission

• 80€ Per Cycle 

The Exclusive VIP Package (at a price of 7,464.15 € ) is designed for the Entrepreneur who is looking to go beyond just working for themselves, and instead really create his own secure and consistent extra source of revenue. With this package, not only can you create an independent and reliable source of income, through earning direct commission and taking part in the Dual System, but you will also be able to encourage others to do the same.

The VIP Exclusive Package includes the following:
• 5 grams gold
• 20 x 100€ bonus cards
• 40 x 100€ digital bonus codes
• 10 x 3% bonus cards
• 15 x 3% digital bonus codes
• 300 x €5 bonus codes which can be used for the following products:
- Specialty Gold Cards
- Packaging
- Merchandising Products
- Goldcard Bundles
- Bonus Cards 3%
- Bonus Cards 100 Euro
- all Packages
- all Package Upgrades

“All digital bonus codes will be available on an additional USB memory stick.”
(Will generate 300 units and has the same Dual System status as the VIP: €80 per cycle and 20% direct commission)
As you can see, the Value content of the package clearly exceeds the cost of the purchase price.
Increase your revenue by winning new customers through utilizing the unique bonus codes and discount system.

In addition, when you purchase the Exclusive VIP package we will now offer an additional current incentive with a “Profit Pool share” in our newly created Karatbars International World pool, where you will be able to participate in Karatbars International’s total global turnover. This also now creates the opportunity for an additional residual income in the future. World Pool Share Incentive will be only for a limited basis.

Pool Shares are determined as follows…

There will only be 10,000 World Pool shares … 
Each gram of gold sold companywide will result in .20 € (cents) added to the World Pool
Pool Position will earn also Unilevel commission each month on all gold purchases
Pool Position will earn Dual System units based on total sales from North American lines and European lines. Each cycle payout will be placed into the overall pool to be shared with World Pool share earners.

In Jan of each year, total commissions will be calculated and divided by the 10,000 available pool shares. For every share you have, you will receive the World Pool Bonus which will pay out in the first quarter each year.

Now as you may noticed the there is a new commission percentage and a “cycle”

here is the Deal :)

you see the Commission here is for packages you Sold Directly unlike the unilevel you get paid for a percentage from the overall selling made by your organization

Keep in mind that you won’t loss the Free plans :)

You see the unilevel plans are paid monthly ; but the Dual Team bonus is paid Weekly 

now a little details and comparison at the same time :

- in the unilevel system your organization is lines directly under you in one line so you just concerned with sales made but in the Dual team system you entire organization will be split in to left team and right team

- in the unilevel you get paid depend on your sales that are measured in points but in the Dual team you uses Units

the following will show you every product and how much units it worth (add to mind that Bronze Package worth 5 Units)

Now Cycles work by how work your during the week; you see when one team makes 25 units sales and the other one 50 units that means you made one cycle (regardless whether you made the sells on your organization)

let’s take an example :)

Suppose you made 2 direct sales, one a Gold Package and the other a VIP package. You also got 2 new affiliates, one on the left side and one on the right side. 

Your affiliate on the left side sells a Silver and a VIP package, that would also mean 2 new affiliates on your left side. 

And your affiliate on the right side completes two Gold and one VIP Package (3 affiliates), this would generate the following: 

Left side: Own sale = 50 units (Gold Package) + Team Sales 120 Units (1Silver and 1 VIP Package) = Total 170 units on the left side. 

Right side: Own sale = 100 units (1 VIP Package) + Team Sales = 200 units (2 Gold and 1 VIP Package) = Total 300 units on the right side.

 Because 50 units on the strong side and 25 units on the weaker side created 1 payout cycle, the calculation in this case is as follows: 

Right side = strong side = 300 Units: 50 = 6 payout cycles 

Left side = weaker side = 170 Units: 25 = 6 payout cycles +remaining 20 units which will be carried over to the next payout cycle. 

In this example 6 Cycles are achieved and this means 40 Euros, 60 Euros and 80 Euros per cycle or 240 Euros, 360 Euros, 480 Euros Dual Team Bonus according to the Package Status. 

Plus an additional Package Bonus for the direct completed packages. In this case 1 Gold and 1 VIP Package, which together generates a total commission of 10% (in this case 219 Euros), 15% and 20% (438 Euro) depending on the Package Status.

Now of you wanna see the FULL power of this system I ask you to watch this video ALL the way to the end (keep in mind mentioned prices in the video are old :p )

it’s rather boring at beginning but the end will blow your mind :D

Now those are the highlights of the systems

there are MORE and MORE

Just jump in and be a member

and registration is FREE

and you still get paid commission even if you wanted to keep the package stage for later :)

So what are you waiting for

Join us as Affiliate and FULFILL your Dream


CLICK HERE—->                                                                                                                      0 risposte                            0 Retweet                            0 preferiti                                                        

Easy Safe Money Making Online (4: Profit Clicking)

Hello there

Today I wanted to take another approach to Making Money Online

This Site is widely spread and you may heard about it.. or came across it without fully understand the potentials it holds

It’s called ProfitClicking

ring a bell?? 


Then let’s ring the bell:

You see this site is specialized in web Trafficking.. (Web traffic is refereed to visitors to your site or any link you have an interest in promoting)

So how is that will help you if you don’t have ANY link you want to show to the public??

In normal conditions I would tell you (yeah you right it’s not your concern..) 

But this is NO normal condition

With this site you get PAID to see other sites 

How that work you say? 

Alright here is the principle:

-You get what the call Ad Package (the more your have the more earnings you get) each cost $10 (you have the right to purchase 1000 AD Packs per hour , to a max 5000 AD Packs per day )

- Each Pack generate money til it hits $15 within a limited time period (Basic Packs has 87 Days period and Premium Packs has 50 Days Both with the same $10 Cost ) Giving that you ONLY view THREE sites a day PLUS you get a 1000 Credit to any website you might have (that means you fund each link with a certain credit amount which will be used to cycle them in their viewing system..Number of credit deducted means that number has visited your link)

Now this is the common way and also the BASIC way but there are THREE more ways to earn money:

AD Package Referral Program:

This is the most easiest way to get paid.. All you need to do is tell your friends and family members to Join to ProfitClicking through your personal Referral Link

You get 10% commissions for every net cost spend Level 1 (direct Referrals) and 5% commissions for every net cost spent on Level 2 (indirect Referrals) 

That means you get $1 on every $10 spent by every referral you get directly and $0.5 from your referral referrals

PC Panel Program:

This is a unique extra way to get paid.. it’s a Pack with NO limited time to be expired.. but once it do it will give you $60 NO question asked.. To force the expiration you need to finalize your panel

Now how do you that:

The fastest way in that you have a active referrals… the panel uses their 1st & 3rd ad packs to feed Your panel.. so their actions will cause your panel to finalizes faster

No active referral..OK.. uses your OWN ad packs.. the more you have on active the more it will be feeding the panel

If you do nothing (means you have no referrals nor you can increase ad packs ) no problem will be finalize EVENTUALLY but it will take time (few months to a solid YEAR)

How you get them: You either Buy them (each Panel Cost $20 and you only limited to 100 Panel a day till you have 5000 ACTIVE (Un-finalized) Panels OR you get a free one for Every FOUR expired Ad Packs

You get one PC Panel FOR FREE

Profit Clicking Membership Upgrades:

As any website.. ou need to upgrade your membership to unlock higher tiers of earnings..but a;so not with Normal style: You see ProfitClicking is also Selling Training Programs which they layered them in Four Levels of memberships along side some extra benefits:

  • PC0: Product: Upgrade Your Brain - Cost: Free
  • PC1: Product: The Big Success Breakthrough - Cost: $10 every month, Non-Commissionable
  • PC2: Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 - Cost: $57 every three months - Pays a commission of $28.50 per sale
  • PC3: Product: Killer Success Tricks 8-? - Cost: $117 every three months - Pays a commission of $58.50 per sale

Also you get Bonuses from attending live training lessons and reading their Tutorials and resources

OK..You maybe confused But since you still reading let’s make and example:

We will treat this site as an investment: let say your want to start with $100 , simple enough for everyone with a Credit Card holder.AND you can register 5 under your level one referral and each one can add also 5 to theirs (meaning you will have 25 in your Level 2 Referral) Each one in your referral will use only $50 to fund their accounts (today’s economy $100 is kinda risky :) )

Now with $100 you personally get 10 Ad packs (I recommend to Buy the Premium Packs )

Now you get from each pack 1000 credits ; that is a 10000 credits (in traffic terms your site will be viewed 10000 times probably by 10000 people)

these credits never expires you bought them but they are consumed ;)

Your Personal earnings are:

Now in the premium system you will get $150 after 50 Days and in Basic System (if you bough Basic packs) you will get $150 but in 87 Days 

Once they Are expired You get 2 PC Panels from 8 of the expired ad packs (you need to use and expire 2 more to get the 3rd one) each PC Panel once Finalized will get you a $60 that means that is $120

You Referrals Earnings:

Your referals will get 5 AD Packs with 5000 Traffic Credit and a returned value of $75 PLUS a FREE PC Panel from 4 expired AD Packs worth $60

Your Personal Earning from Referrals:

For every one in Level 1 $10 you get $1 that means you just earned $5 

For every one in Level 2 $10 you get $0.5 that means you got (0.5*25=$12.5)

So the results are as follow: Your Total Earnings ARE: 150+120+5+12.5= $287.5

And what did you do (you viewed 3 sites daily)

The more Packs you have the more earnings you get

the more referrals you have in Level 1 the More you will get in Level 2 Means MORE extra earnings and more sources to finalize your Panels faster 

So this is a site you need to add to your  arsenal as a profitable site

and if you are a little hesitate to fund your account

NO PROBLEM.. you know why?

Cause ProfitCicking are SO sure of their services the Giving you a Pack to kick off your earnings..test the site and see what’s going on.. you get it once you join FREELY

So it is a wining wining situation for you and your contacts

Check it and start earning 

Find out The key reason why Obtaining the Top Money advance On-line is definitely Effortless Choice

Do you want connected with immediate cash? Do you have lately had a great crucial will need that should end up being found through funds? Still you may even end up being jogging lacking sufficient funds equilibrium in the current account. You ought to possibly be entirely emotion hapless concerning simply being caught up in this financial disaster. You could have perhaps acquired fed up of considering your personal around and also beloved kinds to offer you several little bit of funds. Still it is possible to steer clear of future these; alternatively experience lawsuit advance internet. It is actually possibly the simplest way to get easy income economic by unique on the web structured dollars credit firms.

This site should examine the reason why with regard to thinking about this particular payday loans a simple choice to choose to satisfy economical requirements. You may also understand several essential details related to payday loans whilst going through this site. If you not have attempted these types of money alternatives just before , nor have sufficient information about precisely the same, this site could help anyone to to have notion of typically the alternatives in the effortless approach.

Good opt for quick cash loans

There are actually numerous factors behind which you might will need cash loan on the web. Many of these might include your own have to pay away an instantaneous thanks on the current personal loan or best cash advance online. You may also need to restoration anything at all at your house . or if your vehicle. Still advance loan on the internet might not be ideal for purchasing a home or even toned or possibly a automobile. It is just couple of bank loan that could be plenty of adequate to your own personal quick tiny amount of charges. Techniques not necessarily desire or maybe be ready to get yourself a big amount of bank loan sum even though taking quick cash loans.

A couple of data of money enrich

Presently, there are lots of businesses which have show up in this particular occupation plus they are taking benefit of the internet bottom part to provide this kind of funding. Therefore obtaining the cheapest price from will never be a hard job for you personally.
What you just have to perform would be to look for advance loan on the internet resources and you may discover a good deal regarding up-and-coming small to big bucks financing businesses. A lot of them have got create a number of standard standards to the consumers to meet. The essential standards involves you should be by using an job, one particular probably a legitimate bank-account and something probably gained at the very least eighteen years old. After you have found all of these straightforward standards, you might be on the way to get the required volume of car or truck loan from a single of the above providers.

Next thing would most likely require completing a license request become completely from often the company’s blog, immediately after choosing the right undertaking along with uploading similar. Inside an hr you get an agreement of your respective car or truck loan volume on the corporation, to begin with get approved the application. Eventually, the required car or truck loan volume will happen to the current account.

In our world today, how we make our income is changing. The days of holding just one job until retirement are maybe gone forever. The want for more control of our lives may be one reason or being laid off could enforce a change. In any event, the desire to generate money online is intensifying and it could be that you desire to do this or have already begun but you are not getting the success you want. There are constantly new e books being brought out on how to make money online. Success, though, will most often come from…

Easy Safe Money Making Online (3: Sol-R Energy)

Hi there

I came across a Site that gives you an investment plan in a “Save the World” type of project

This Site is investing it’s Funds not like other Companies in stock market and Forex or even option market

NO.. This site Invest in Solar Energy Projects (or so they say)

This Site has 3 Plans to invest in (All plans are in 90 Days Period & Allowing Compounding Rate)

Dawn Plan: Min $10 - Max $1499.99 with 2.20% Daily Interest

Sunrise Plan: Min $1500 - Max $9999.99 with 2.50% Daily Interest

Solar Noon Plan: Min $10000 - Max NO LIMIT with 2.70% Daily Interest

I believe this is the First Site I come across that says it has no Upper limit to the deposits in one of his plans & allowing Compounding Rate

(I calculated this to see if A company invested heavily in this what will happen and it Said that $50000 investment will get you back a $549,933.19)

That is SWEET if it is true that is

But overall this site is good idea for feeling like you making a Something productive (Somewhat :p )

what I consider it cons is it only Support payment through EGOPay and SolidTrustedPay 

(although it is not THAT bad since these sites require a some documentations and annual fees for companies so it is a little safe to say they are investing in their infrastructural and there are some illegitimate paperwork)

As for the referrals commissions they pay 5% for each deposit made by your referrals (a good deal not offer alot)

So if you are interested in please click on the banner and start making a new better world ;)