six hundred and thirty: eighteen of thirty

What did Joe Fox ask Kathleen Kelly? Do you remember?

The night I watched You’ve Got Mail, you called me just
to hear my voice. I remember dangling my feet off the sofa
and listening to you sigh in my ear. If I wasn’t already in love with you,
I would be soon.

When it was summertime and I was in Wyoming,
you wrote me long emails. I turned my computer on every morning,
aching for your deep, hearty laugh.
Instead, I got your ambitious typing.

What is perfect about our story and some romantic comedy
is the sheer irony, which, it turns out, is not a good thing.

He had said, “How can you forgive this guy for standing you up
and not forgive me for this tiny little thing …”

But she did, right?
After all, she was in love and he was sorry.

 But I didn’t.
And I was really in love.

And you were really sorry.

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Wisst ihr..

..ich will keinen Kontakt mehr zu Menschen die sich zu fein zum antworten sind, dann schreibt doch erst garnicht. Entweder ganz oder gar nicht. Gib nur schwanger oder nicht schwanger, halbschwanger gibts nicht. Also haltet euch fern von mir wenn ihr zu unfähig seid zum antworten!
Peinlich. Tz tz tz. Ihr seid so lächerlich.
Habe sowas nicht nötig, wundert euch nicht wenn ich nicht mehr antworte, verkackt. Hattet eure Chance. Wer zu dumm ist hat gelitten.

gamerwatchersplaysburb replied to your post “Elodie, the only times I’ve “gone crazy” were because of magic anons. …”

Hey now, I didn’t mean to sound accusatory or anything. On the contrary my intentions were those of comfort, letting you know that nothing is goin’ on with me. Sorry if I came off as being otherwise.

No, no. It’s. It’s not you. I just. I can’t. I can ‘t do this now. You don’t. You don’t understand. Please.

Turning what is traditionally a solitary process into an almost peep show of geekiness beyond what most in the mainstream would care to stomach. Watching someone code is quickly becoming something I want to do as time goes by.

I started streaming on and the reception has been really positive. I enjoy their community a lot. Attempts at streaming on twitch have been semi-successful as well. I feel that live streaming code and the development cycle as a whole is a well deserved role in the educational process - with code collaboration and best practice reinforcement. Plus, it’s fun to see what IDE’s everyone uses. There’s something about watching people write in languages that I’m unfamiliar with and what type of projects come from their work as apart of their “code diversity.”

There can be some really entertaining streamers, too. The ones who stand out always tend to be really good and know exactly what they’re doing and in turn, very confident of their on-air presence. At the moment, I feel I have a lot of improvements to make in my approach. When I review my streams I seem almost in disarray and confusion. Maybe that says something about my coding or maybe I just code differently when I know I’m being watched. Either way, I have a good feeling for the future of this community.