Onion planting, flower seedlings and spring garlic are pictured being grown on the grounds of Stone Barns. “At Stone Barns, we believe the key is diversification, so there is less waste from inputs and product,” says Jack Algiere, the four-season farm director in charge of the growing operations at Stone Barns, adding that the key to improving our food system begins with knowing the problem at hand. “Awareness. There are many steps after that to make the change, but awareness comes first.”

Photo by Nils Ericson for MSNBC


Mums surprise their kids who are working overseas with a home cooked meal


literally if you think it’s misogynistic or predatory of non-passing trans men to use women’s restrooms to avoid harassment/violence from cis men, or if you think closeted trans men are invading women’s spaces by pretending to be cis women so that their safety isn’t compromised, you are a disgusting transphobe who doesn’t actually give a shit about trans people at all.