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I can’t believe you fell straight into my trap, even when I literally pointed out it was a trap. Scratch that, you purposefully walked into my trap with full knowledge it was a trap. Don’t feel bad though, take as much time as you need; I literally admitted it was rude af for me to be impatient in the original post. And given that I also literally said that I’m fine with your jojo (even if it’s dumb and weird and not tg, and so obviously worthless trash) we can establish that fear for your jojos is not the true cause of your weenieness, but in fact fear of confirming that I am the better amoneki.

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C-could you do bff France/Belg for me? (Thankyousomuchsorryforrequestingsomethingagain)

Nonono sweetie don’t apologize when ve been pestering everyone for requests D: Didn’t I say it was okay to go for seconds silly? Pftt anyway I’m so grateful for this and YES there needs to be more BFF FraBel around here~

My immediate thought was they’d be the best shopping buddies ever. (We all know shoppig with Ned is a real pain and Lux is rarely ever around so France takes Bel with him and they have a lovely time~)

(I have a lot Belgium requests but I don’t miiiind) (can’t draw Bel’s smirk though ugh she looks so off)

Hope you like it <3

AAAAAAAA YES THES ARE SO GOOD……. AND  im glda people recognise me for archie stuff i always  think ppl forget about that?? AND PERIDOT YES….IM GAY thnak  you guys im Gay i love th

gammapulse replied to your post: tHAT S THE ONEI DIDNT SEE IT COMING AN…

I swear to JESUS the fucking onion kid is not to be trusted

I get the feeling he’s the one character we know very little about ;-; 

Like in gravity falls yep we got evidence and some episodes to tie up some of Stan’s mysteries

Onion is just????//?? what’s this kid’s deal im so freaking worried for the main characters Q___Q

gothmulder replied to your post “callmehabie replied to your post “IMO i question ur views on…”

this is rly important to recog ise and v on point imo and def applies to being trans as well

ty i agree…… i pass as a cis lady IRL so i stay in my own lane as far as trans discourse on here despite the fact that i do not identify as cis in the slightest….. (and i s2g…  pls dont gender me) but like…. i don’t have the same kind of experiences as someone who doesn’t pass as cis so like why would i think my onions on transness are More Legitimate or just as legitimate as someone who is Seen and immediately tagged by the public as trans??????? like trans ppl who are Seen by society and labeled as trans have obviously a v different and more thorough perspective bc of how Society Views Them so as someone who is more or less still in the closet as agender (to most of my family despite my best efforts, and most of my IRL friends) i hav no place trying to insert my experiences, u kno?? 

like….mayb this is untru but, i feel like there are some peeps on the tumbels who identify as something other than het but have only ever been in cishet relationships and they have a lot of opinions on like, gayness 

and as someone who can comment on the difference betw dating someone of ur ‘opposite’ gender vs. someone similarly gendered… like…. there is such a difference. and the way society treats a person affects their views like there’s literally no way around it. unfortunately there are just a lot of people that still exist who give 2 many fucks abt the sexual orientations of others and of course the level of homophobia is fading faster than the levels of transphobia that are present in society…. but like its still enough to be impactful to a person

sooooo tl;dr i think ppl w/o lived experiences out of the closete have a limited scope of ‘gayness’ an therefore are not as informed abt the Gay Experience an should probably stay in their goddamn lanes and stop trying to ‘Call Out’ gay ppl on ‘bi erasure’ when they relish in the newfound gayness of a character they loved *coughs so hard their lungs fall out*

africugh “I want ma7shi and kobeba and misa2a3a and kishk”

i literally had no idea what kishk was till like 2 years ago and its actually life changing??


also like it’s like …. the perfect condensation of what egyptian food is; chicken stock, yogurt, SHIT TONS OF FRIED ONIONS

It’s not them generally drawing the characters in dresses, which would be fine, it’s this specific trope pic that I’ve never seen any artist who draws guys in “female” wear in any other situation draw. One of the guys is dressed in standard male wedding attire of fancy tux, while the other guy is in a poofy white wedding dress, often with a veil and/or bouquet too, and usually being carried bridal style by the tux guy. And if the shoes are shown they’re high heeled lady shoes too. And it’s the guy considered more feminine who’s in the dress 99% of the time. It’s not them having respect for crossdressing/guys wearing conventionally female clothes, it’s just a total disrespect of gay relationships, because one of the guys is clearly playing “the woman’s part.” There is no woman, that’s the entire point. I really wish it was what you suggested, because that’s totally a-okay, but sadly it is not :(((

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Personally I’m for her being a fictional ledgerdomainian ethnicity that developed separate from the rest of Earth but I could see her features leaning that way totally

Tbh the whole charmcaster being some sort of alien makes me sad. One thing that was really cool about OS that it wasn’t just aliens, there was magic and earth a plenty of its own cool stuff and UAF was like lol nope theyre all aliens

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be careful eating your meat because your body gets used to not digesting animal proteins and it can make you sick

ahh shoot I totally forgot about this :c I totally already ate the whole burrito I hope I’m ok… Thanks for looking out for me though!

Lmao I replied so fast I got there before the other two replies (I am the superior on multiple levels.) I got LINE and Skype if you wanna ditch this joint and go somewhere where asks don’t get eaten for our talk, but Tumblr’s o kaaaay too, if we have to.
We do have something. It’s my clear superiority. (Aah, jojo actually looks really good but I can’t deal with the art style at all. Like everything else seems fantastic but the art is just…I mean I don’t think it’s poorly drawn or anything, I just can’t deal with that specific style at all.)

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pfft i’m supposed to be the human here and yet i’m taller than you xD 1,82m

It’s not by a lot more tho xD but hey, at least we can reach that halla statue in the kitchen at orlais a bit easier than most? /SHRUGS