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The Mindy Project is finally back!!! Join me tomorrow on twitter at 9:30 pm on Fox! Tweet me oniefierce :D Can’t wait to see you guys there! 

The Mindy Project 301 Review!!!

It feels like it has been a lifetime since the last episode of The Mindy Project aired. As you guys may recall, at the end of the second season, Mindy and Danny got back together! What was going to come next for them? Will they get married? Move in together? Will there be a flash forward and Mindy has four little girls and they are all named after has-been celebrities?! Well last night we finally found out! It seems like they pretty much picked the show up in real-time. No time has really passed on the show, which is kind of weird to me but whatever. Mindy and Danny are dealing with Mindy’s big mouth in this episode. If you guys do not remember, they struggle with this in the second season when Danny was trying to keep their relationship a secret! Peter is still seeing Lauren! Super surprising since we all know the way Peter treats women. Mindy and Danny get into a little quarrel about her telling everyone everything. It does not help that Mindy figures out the Danny used to be a stripper! DRAMA!!!! But of course the guys talk some sense into Danny to go talk to Mindy. He explains why he did it. To tell you the truth I highly doubt that Mindy really cared! But we all know from previous episodes that Mindy does not want to lose Danny, which leads her to do so stupid things. Totally understandable! The episode finished with Danny doing a sexy dance at the end! Checking the ratings today was kind of disappointing! I thought the episode was well written and hilarious! The set up for both New Girl and The Mindy Project was not strong, which could explain the very low ratings for the premiere. Hopefully, the ratings go up and the show can get a full season! Keep up the good work guys!! 

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