What I find the funniest about Zoro, is that he has this move called “Oni Giri”

But if you moved those words together, you’d get “Onigiri”, which is a Japanese rice ball

But the best part is that in a One Piece special, his character was an actual onigiri

So basically, whenever he makes that move and yells out “Oni Giri” now, I can only hear him yelling “rice balls”

Onigiri  :) 

A common snack in Japan, sold at almost every convenience store and in a huge range of shapes and flavours. It turned out I actually didn’t like them much since most Onigiri have a Nori (seaweed) wrap or filling which is incredibly fishy tasting. However I did find a ‘Cha Han’ Onigiri sold at the university shop which I adored. 

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~One Piece Voice Meme~

1. Say your name and username and of course your pirate name (if you don’t have one, just think of one now – arrrrrr)

2. Say the Mugiwara nakama names!

3. Favourite character and best quote that this character has.

4. Read the following: afro, akuma no mi, santoryu, kuso yaro, Sanji MESHIII!!!, Gol D. Roger, kaizoku, beam!!!, mizu luffy~, niku, I need lady, bone to be wild, mugiwara no ichimi, kondorrriano, ikitai!!!, SUPEEEEER!!, pantsu, nakama, oni-giri, gomu gomu no bazooka, gear second, HANDSOME!, marimo, okama kenpo!, rumble!, shichibukai, nani mo…. nakatta.

5. Do a dendenmushi impersonation (except burp burup burp)

6. Do a One Piece laugh that you like the most (except Dereshishishi)

7. Which devil fruit ability would you like to have and why?

8. Pick one of the following songs and sing it for us: Sogeking Song, Binks no Sake, Franky Left-Right, Luffy’s Baka Song, WE ARE!, or any character song~

9. Finish in a glorious way by saying: KAIZOKU OU NI, ORE WA NARU!

Sorry, I just realised it was Robin’s “IKITAI!!” (i want to live) But I understood/read it like one of Luffy’s “Ikitai~!!” (I want to go)